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Recent content by Jeffsteph803

  1. J

    Has anybody seen these before?

    Picked them up this week, unsure of the value?
  2. J

    Winchester bottle

    Have any of y’all seen this this one in this kind of condition? What do you think the value is?
  3. J

    Houston coke bottle

    Copy, thanks
  4. J

    Houston coke bottle

    Found this bottle at auction. Looks like a newer hutch bottle. Has anybody seen this before?
  5. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    Has anybody seen this bottle?
  6. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    2 hours left https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Antique-Pocket-Whisky-Bottle-Flask-Thick-Glass-Amber/312954658088?hash=item48dd8d1d28:g:K~8AAOSwHfxeJHPs
  7. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    Thanks for all of the information!
  8. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    What do you think the value is?
  9. J

    Has anybody seen this one

    Picked it up for cheap but I’m unsure what it is and how old.
  10. J

    Picked up three bottles

    With the crack on the drake I’m thinking $80?
  11. J

    Picked up three bottles

    Am I write on the price of the celvengers as they are reproduction?
  12. J

    Picked up three bottles

    Two are clevengers so I’m guessing the value is in the $10 range. However, I picked up a log bitters that has more yellow than brown in it; however, it has a nice crack on the inside. What are your thoughts.
  13. J

    wanted Florida sodas

    Just listed this one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-1880-1912-PEPSI-COLA-Hutch-Glass-Bottle-Pensacola-Fl-Escambia-Hutchinson/362559738002?hash=item546a3e9092:g:JH8AAOSwaEZcaKqy
  14. J

    WTS Bottle lot

    I have a lot of bottles that I would like to sell. I’m not sure of the value or all of the bottle history. Make an offer and include shipping. I want to sell them as a set and not by bottle.
  15. J

    Selling part of collection

    With this site and the gentlemen that owns Hecklers, I was able to put the listings together. Thank you for your help. I plan on keeping some of the less valuable bottles. I didn’t realize the value in these bottles. Thanks again!

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