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  • Textkev, I posted something hoping to hear from SEANB. I can't find his name anywhere any longer. I also tried to find CHATT??. No luck either. I tried to find EPACKAGE. Again no luck. Have they all dropped out??
    Hi TexKev! WE DID IT! WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! (I've been a fan of our franchise since '68.) I remember you said that you worked at Globe Life. A lot of emotion. ..I can cross that one off the bucket list before I cash out. Congrats to Rangers Fans Universe.:cool: --L
    Howdy Texev. Why Do They Put A Bell By My Post When I Place A thread on a forum
    .It's Been going On About A Year Or More . I Need An Address To Send My Ten Dollars ..My Year Is Almost Up. I Didn't Know I Could Get In Touch With You. What Are Those Little Signs By My Forums. You Have Permission To Remove Anything From My Profiles Posts Thanks A lot . Grace Abounds :
    Hi Texkev,

    I created a submission a few hours ago but as yet have not seen it posted ( I put a note to the Admins stating I believe I'd posted it in the wrong forum category - is there an issue with this post? Thanks.
    Can you please move my post/thread titled "Offering a free bottle to you" (or something like that) from the General Chat (about bottles) forum to the one for buying an trading. I am just offering it for free, but the post probably belongs in the latter forum. Thank you.
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