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  1. K

    Porcelain Goat in Tuxedo

    There it is! Thank you so much! I’ve never heard of a “nipper” before! This goat of mine has seen better days, but his smiling face is still intact. I think I’ll keep him :) thanks again! This page rocks!
  2. K

    Porcelain Goat in Tuxedo

    I’ve tried a number of description searches on google (and there is some weird stuff) The other side has a rotten cork and cork hole where the eye is on this side. What is it? Suggestions on cleaning it?
  3. K

    What is it? Found in Juneau, AK

    Thank you for the info! So glad I didn’t leave it behind. It was covered in mud and looked amber when I first pulled it out.
  4. K

    What is it? Found in Juneau, AK

    Found on the beach, so it’s scuffed. The seam threw me off since it ran to the top, but once I washed it, definitely looks much older (was thinking modern cogniac when mud was still on it) Dark green, crescent shape on side. The seam looks like there was spill over in the mold. The bottom is...

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