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    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    Cool find for a dig. Nice big bottle . Here's what they are with visible ACL
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    Fort Frances, Ontario bottles

    I just scrolled apon this picture.. it's actually mine.. I'm honored.. I have other high top bottles , green and clear ACL. And many 7up 7oz pop bottles from silver Lake beverage Kenora Ontario, fort Frances ont etc. It is a great passion of mine. Other bottles to look for are Kenora bottling ...
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    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    Interesting. I wasn't aware of that. Here's a few pictures of the 7oz 7up bottles . Silver Lake beverage
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    7up- 1953-1986 Canada

    Beauty of a bottle . I have one from silver Lake beverage, Kenora Ontario. With the swim suit girl and one with out. Nice bottles for sure . The one I have is 1941 I believe, contains a note inside from the previous owner signed and dated . Figured I'd share

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