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    Mobile Alabama Bottle & Collectibles Show & Sale, Saturday March 26, 2022

    The Mobile Antique Bottle Collectors Club presents our 49th annual Antique Bottle & Collectibles Show & Sale, Saturday March 26, 2022 from 9AM to 3PM at the Daphne Civic Center, 2603 U.S. Hwy 98, Daphne, AL 36526. FREE PARKING, FREE ADMISSION! Bring your old bottles and related items to...
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    Sorry for the delay in responding. Since the shaft speed is constant, based on the pulley combination you choose, the lager the canister the slower it turns. The "slow" speed, on a Jar Doctor machine will turn a 4" at approximately 28 rpms, a 5" at 22, and a 6" at 19. Note: best for square and...
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    The motor is a constant 1725 rpm's. (Variable speed motors almost always sacrifice torque on lower speeds.) If you purchase the "two/multi speed" jack shaft option pictured, you can swap the belt on the pulleys between the jack shaft and your drive shaft to increase or decrease the speed your...
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    The photo that I shared above IS my Jar Doctor machine, a large frame, like yours, connected to a small frame one. Depending on the size of the canisters, I can turn 8 to 10 at once. The clear canisters that you see in my photo have over a year's use in each one and are still mostly clear...
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    See my other post to Wildcat Wrangler for my opinion on my machine. I will NEVER be without it. When you put in the time to learn to do it right, you will be pleased with the results you can achieve. Also check out the facebook group "Antique Bottle Cleaning".
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    Once you see the results you can achieve with this machine, you will make room for it somewhere. Your have options. You CAN purchase two short side rails from the Jar Doctor, swap out the long ones for the short ones, and turn your large machine into a small one. You can either keep the long...
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    Hello from Alabama newbie!

    Here is a link to the Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors website with the list of the bottle shows around the country. Most shows are annual events and start advertising months before the show. Keep a check for shows in Alabama and neighboring states. There is no better place to meet...
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    Gravitating and Hutchinson Bottles from E. Carre, Mobile Ala.

    E. Carre had one true blob top bottle, and the generations that followed were these mostly gravitating stopper bottles and then hutches. Note the one bottle that was supposedly found with a hutchinson type stopper in it, even though most of us would call it a gravitating stopper bottle. E...
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    The Indians Panacea

    Here is a copy of an 1842 letter sent from Coster & Walsh to A B & D Sands , Druggist, New York. In paragraph two, they want to order 6 dozen more Indian's Panacea. In paragraph three they say they will give Sands 25% on the sale and that they sell it in Mobile for $2 per bottle. We dug a...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Bartunes from Mobile is the only one that has come up with an open pontil. I dug one 28 years ago, and now am in line to get it back. Here are two iron pontiled examples, uncleaned and cleaned. The cleaned one never had any iron left in the pontil when it was dug. I always protect that area...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    You can find these at: Purchase one set of each of the 6 wheels for $1.97 per set. Different grits work better for different glass. Start only with as coarse as necessary and finish off with the white fine polish before you...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Actually, the final inside only step often requires two 8 day runs, especially on square bottles. I rarely tumble for others, but when I have, the minimum for 4 to 6 passes and a little dremel work is $150.
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    This is actually a "before" photo of a group of Monju's where only a few of them had been tumbled. I have experimented several different ways with photographing color runs, and mostly I prefer to mix the colors. That way you get more contrast. A few of these are the same color, but even the...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    I don't repair bottles with epoxy. If a bottle has missing glass to where it needs repairing, I will send it to Wil M. I use a dremel tool and any one of 50 different rubberized polishing wheels or points to gently remove or alter many types of scratches, gouges, dings, flakes, and small chips...
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    Tumbling Before and After photos

    Some of these sodas need a little more work, but still photograph well. They also come in shades of aqua and sapphire blue. I cleaned the yellow amber and green Sarracenia Life Bitters as well. The labeled one is a later model.

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