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    RE: Six-sided Cathedral bottle

    So what ever happened with this bottle? Please email'm curious.

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    RE: Six-sided Cathedral bottle

    I would say this estimate is pretty accurate,plus AMBER?.........what a find! and for a lamp!,,,,
    check to see if its real,then if it is have it pro cleaned and insure it!!!!!!!!!!

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    RE: Six-sided Cathedral bottle

    It's hard for me to tell but the pulls and cord look like 40's, maybe earlier. That shows promise because the average person probably didn't think much in value for a bottle then. They may have used old parts in the 70's for what's below but I doubt it.

    I hope I'm wrong with this but there was a man who made a bitters bottle repro for his lamp business. This is from a digger o'dell page.
    Pictures of Front, Top, and Base
    Produced in the early 1970s by Doc Dunning of Greensboro for his lamp business. Listed as O 34 in the Ring/Ham Bitters book, the co-author Bill Ham has acknowledged that this is indeed a modern bottle and he will add a notice in the next addendum. In fact, the bottle never existed before 1970. As you can see from the pictures, the lip is oversized to accomodate insertion of a lamp. The lip is also ground, a finish not found on old American Bitters bottles. The base has a recessed hole in the center to easy the process of drilling out a hole in the base to run lamp wire. Sometimes you find them fitted with a lamp and the hole drilled out. An interesting bottle but not an antique bitters.

    I remember others as well in the heyday of the 60's and 70's. This is all I found for ducumentation though. Nothing for a repro amber 6 sided cathedral pickle. I'd take it apart for a better look at the base. I didn't see mention of ABM in all this. My guess is real 1890's... but there's always Czechoslovakia etc..

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    RE: Six-sided Cathedral bottle

    I have the lamp apart and there is no markings on the bottom of the bottle, but I have been collecting bottles for over 35 years and I have seen alot of reproductions before and I am pretty certian that this is athentic or else I wouldn't have bought it to begin with. The bottle was obviously never dug because it had no stains, it is as clean as day it was made.
    Thanks for the input,

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    Shame it was drilled for the fixture. I am lucky to have two bottle which were previous lamps. Luckily they used cork stopper light sockets so bottle were not damaged. Here are my two former lamp bottles !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    These are more typical colors:

    Click image for larger version. 

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