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    Elliman's Bottle

    I have a clear glass bottle, dug out of the river by my house. The seam doesn't run all the way to the lip, I has "ELLIMAN'S ROYAL EMBROCATION FOR HORSES MANUFACTORY SLOUGH" written on it in raised letters. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Elliman's Bottle

    Hi Kerrinaus,
    Found ELLIMAN'S ROYAL EMBROCATION FOR HORSES listed in several of my books
    at 5-10 dollars. Hope this helps.

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    RE: Elliman's Bottle

    Hi and welcome karrinaus [:)] .

    Ellimans bottles are nice but fairly common, they also made the stuff for human use and packaged it in smaller rectangle shaped bottles.
    Here is a photo of my different ones, yours is probably like the one on the left ?

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    RE: Elliman's Bottle

    Thank you so much for the information. Yes it is much like the one on the left, although mine appears larger and the lettering is taller and thinner.[:D]


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