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    Can anyone identify this D.JAYNE.USA BOTTLE? Please and thank you!!

    It's a clear 10 sided bottle with a metal screw on lid. Kinda looks like a salt shaker without the holes The bottle is about three inches tall and in raised letters reads D.JAYNE USA. The lid reads D.JAYNE across the top. The bottom has the number 1as well as a C and an L going through it, which I believe is carr-Lowery glass co. Can anyone tell me what the bottle was used for? Thanks
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    For Doctor D. Jayne, I'd think. Jayne's was a major medicine company in the 1800s and 1900s. This'd date on the 1900s side and likely held some sort of pills. Most commonly liver/kidney pills as everyone seemed to struggle with troubles of the liver, kidneys, and constipation in the early 1900s. LOL.

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    Ha! that is very interesting. Thanks for the info. I've been searching around like crazy and out of all the D.Jaynes bottles haven't found 1 like this one yet.

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    Cool! Could be special to a collector specializing in all of Dr. Jayne's many bottles.

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