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  1. PorkDaSnork

    Teeny bottle

    Found this midget bottle a while ago. Have always wondered what was in it. Of course, it’s unmarked so I’ll never know EXACTLY what was in it. It’s around 1.5 inches tall, found in Georgian Bay Area.
  2. PorkDaSnork

    “Chemists United?”

    Found this bottle at me cottage out on Georgian Bay. 1890s most likely. Says Chemists United on the front, but I haven’t found anything on google or here. Any help identifying it?
  3. WesternPA-collector

    Valodi Diana Sosborszesz Liniment Bottle

    This is another bottle I found last week in the woods. I looked on Ebay and there's only one of them. On here a search turned up nothing. On the bottom all it has is a "K" and then a number 1 inside the machine mark. Does anyone have one in their collection?
  4. S

    WTS Several Bottles- New Jersey, Beer, Soda, Medicine - Small Mixed Lot - Offer

    Hi Everyone-- I have a mixed bunch of bottles available. If interested, I'd prefer to sell as a lot so prefer a pick up in Florida (due to possible shipping breakage and $$$). I'll post a few photos here but i have MORE. Ask questions. Thx!
  5. F

    Can anyone identify this D.JAYNE.USA BOTTLE? Please and thank you!!

    It's a clear 10 sided bottle with a metal screw on lid. Kinda looks like a salt shaker without the holes The bottle is about three inches tall and in raised letters reads D.JAYNE USA. The lid reads D.JAYNE across the top. The bottom has the number 1as well as a C and an L going through it, which...
  6. T

    Weird SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE MD. base-embossed

    I was wondering if this was a common example of a SHARP & DOHME BALTIMORE MD. medicine? It looks like an early threaded, tooled top, possibly the lip is ground? Base-embossed. Just dug it last weekend. Comments appreciated.
  7. B

    New Orleans Medicine on eBay...

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Orleans-Medicine-A-Schriener-N-O-As-seen-on-Peachridge-Glass-/182083323524?hash=item2a65030684:g:PmgAAOSwsN9XBTlf My A Schriener on eBay. Spread the word to your medicine collecting pals :) Mike B.:cool:
  8. B

    French Medicine or Perfume? Dug in New Orleans Box Well...

    Here's a mystery. L.T. Piver is a French Perfumer. This bottle claims to have something to do with vinegar and eye repair. Seriously, what the heck is it???:confused:
  9. J

    IV (intra venous) Pharma Bottles

    Any other bottle enthusiasts out there collecting IV (intravenous) medical bottles? I'm a retired pharmaceutical company employee & have about 25 or 30 IV bottles & a few other items from various companies. These were made between 1936 & the 1970's. I'm downsizing - my little grandkids are 2500...
  10. H

    Bottle Identification

    I have several bottles posted below that I am trying to identify. My great grandfather was a doctor and my great uncle was a pharmacist and we have just begun digging up where their burn piles or dump piles were. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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