The Lansing and the Greenville are the two best bottles of that batch. Generally, anything without a name embossed on the side is of little value. Bottles where the seam goes all the way to the top are post 1906 and made in an automatic bottle machine. SOME of the ACL sodas, which are machine made but have the applied colored labels right on the glass, are starting to be collectible. But other than that and some milk bottles that some local collectors like, anything made in an automatic bottle machine (ABM) simply have little or no value. So, the two sodas that I mentioned about are old enough to not be ABM, and have names on them. The amber Lansing is likely to have a bit more value because of color. But I know nothing about rarity for those two. Collectors of sodas/beers from that era are the ones who can tell you if they are worth $10 or $100.

Good luck. It's hard to dive into this hobby the way you have, being handed a whole bunch of stuff with no guidelines how to figure out what is what.

Jim G