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    Safe Cure

    I got this Warners Safe Kidney and Liver Cure today. I really love the embossing, which makes this my first "pictorial" bottle. Does anybody know anything about this particular bottle? What was in it? Is it 1890s like I think it is? Here's everybody's favorite question: How much is it worth? Questions, questions...

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    Nice clean one. This is probably one of the first bottles that just about every fledgling bottle collector either finds or owns. These were literally distributed worldwide at a time when there was no aircraft transport, or internet, or television etc. He had agents in Britain, in Europe, all over the place. There are rare versions of this bottle, like the one with the safe turned the other way, the "left handed safe" warners. This is a very common version, probably worth $10 and that's because it's such a window presence. I think that lip, as opposed to the simple blob lip, is the earlier one. I'd say anywhere from mid 1880s to TOC.

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