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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewster113 View Post
    I saw one on Maple Leaf auctions without the proprietors name, and there is supposed to be a Codd bottle but have not seen it. Thanks for the dates did not know them.
    maybe one does exist , the description on the link posted seems to indicate there is one , I've never seen it so must be pretty hard to find

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    Oh yeah I've got one of those crown top non-Codds as well, from Gassosa. I think that's a Toronto one as well though not 100% sure. Maybe someone who was compiling that report got confused between that and a true Codd, or maybe they had only seen a picture of a broken one missing the top and assumed it was a true Codd. Still, since it's clearly inspired by a Codd bottle, so maybe they did start out using them and then switched to the Codd-inspired one to keep brand recognition but have an easier bottle to fill on modern equipment.

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    Nice bottle, I like it!

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