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  1. C

    Does anyone have any info on these bottles?

    Mainly trying to find information about the alouette bottle in the middle and the one on the right. I can’t find any information on them anywhere. Are they common?
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Rare 1975 64 ounce Coca Cola Bottle

    I just got this today at a great price. It was made by Anchor Hocking in South Connellsville, PA for only a short amount of time because of high cost of production and the weight of the bottle. It is almost three pounds and is 13 inches tall. I wish I could find the cap that goes with it.
  3. WesternPA-collector

    Bleach safe for ACL bottles?

    I was wondering if it is safe to soak or apply bleach to ACL bottles with white lettering that has dirt on it. Since it is so strong I didn't know if it would break down the paint or not. Thanks for any help.
  4. T

    Masons Root Beer find...

    Out walking an old railroad line with my 3yr old son a bit ago, he was riding up on my shoulders. He spotted this and we brought it home and it cleaned up ok. I was amazed at how heavy the bottle is. Thick glass! My boy has found a few other bottles and definitely has an eagle eye! My only...
  5. Q

    Wanted - City bottling Works Ladysmith Wisconsin

    Hello! I joined this site to ask a question. This Ladysmith bottle is up for sale on Ebay. About 2 years ago, I was in a consignment store called "The curiosity shop" in Ladysmith and they had one of these for sale. The price was $150. The label was incomplete, but not really bad and the...
  6. RelicRaker

    Gruber Beverages

    Found this at an excavation site. It's in bad shape, but what paint remains legible says Gruber Beverages. Refreshing. One Pint. Philadelphia, PA. I don't remember Gruber from my childhood so am guessing 40s or 50s. Any info welcome.

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