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    My years long search for a bottle display solution come to fruition at last.

    This is a wall mount display case, 39" x 39" x 6" with two led top lights and mirror back. Shelves are adjustable and the sliding glass doors lock. There is an on/off switch, but you have to unlock the case to get to it. It plugs into an outlet so I may install an in-line switch or use a...
  2. 1935 Blue Bird Soda Bottle (Photo 1)

    1935 Blue Bird Soda Bottle (Photo 1)

    Year Made: 1935 Glassmaker: Glenshaw Color: clear Product: grape soda Bottler: C. H. Close, Pittsburgh, PA Volume: 6 fluid ounces Height: 7 5/8 inches Weight: 14.5 ounces Diameter: 2 1/4 inches Seams: 2 seams all the way to top Label Type: embossed Closure Type: pry-off metal cap
  3. N

    Wanted: Similar Vintage Soda Bottles

    I only started collecting but have managed to come by a fair few. Please offer me similar ones: ornate, elaborate, Art Deco, etc. I want more! Thank you.

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