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  1. PorkDaSnork

    Finds of the day

    Cold (for August) and windy today. Ideal conditions for dump digging. No bugs. Don’t overheat myself. Went digging. 4 new bottles. 2 are the same, both are small and are embossed with CONTENTS: 2 FL OZ in them. Found em next to each other. Then I pulled a small “P.D & Co” Amber bottle with...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Cobalt Blue Unknown Bottle

    I was wondering what type of contents this bottle would have in it. Or what glass maker it is. I've only ever found one of them. All it has on the bottom is a number 6, which could literally mean anything.
  3. M

    Blue Ink or Glue Bottle

    I found this bottle last week and haven't had a lot of luck figuring it out. By the size and shape I am guessing glue or ink, and early 1900s. Is that right? Appears to be machine made. Makers mark looks to be one of the following: "A I J", "A+J", or "A t J". Does anyone recognize that mark or...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Tiny Pedestal Glass Bottle

    While hiking in the woods today I came across this little glass piece. It is only 1 3/4" at its widest point and 1 1/4" at the opening, which appears to accept a screw on lid of some sort. My first guess is it's from a mini oil lamp but I'd like to hear what some others think.
  5. B

    Over 2500 bottles for 2500$

    I currently have a collection of over 2500 bottles I'm interested in selling the whole lot for a dollar a peice.There's tons of embossed bottles. Quack bottles.embossed sodas. Painted sodas, cokes. Decanters.Embossed milk bottles. 60 blue peicec.12 blue ball jars,poison bottles. Way too many too...

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