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  1. FreeRangeAsparagus

    Charles River 6/8/20

    I went back to my usual spot hoping the water would be clearer. It was sort of. Clarity went from 6 inches to about 1.5 feet. I had mediocre finds the whole time until I was swimming back to get out. Then I pulled 4 bottles and a jar from the same spot. Here's the haul. This was everything I...
  2. bballmes20

    How much could this be worth?

    . I recently came across this beautiful intact Vaseline jar on a recent dig. I'm pretty new to bottle digging and was wondering if anyone could tell me what this could be worth? Thanks!
  3. N

    WTS THE ECLIPSE amber jar

    Found this jar. After getting help from others on this site, I believe it to be a wax sealing jar missing it's lid and bail. The lip may be a tooling flaw as it is smooth to the touch. There are several bubbles in the glass. Two that are large: 1-1/8"x 2/8" oval, and one 1-1/4" x 1' that...
  4. DavidW

    Is this Ball Perfect Mason pint jar, "SCA" or "NUKED"?

    I am posting this for someone else......calling all BALL PERFECT MASON specialists and collectors.........is this a case of SCA (naturally darkened by the sun) or a case of Irradiation? (I say nuked, but not a serious collector of these).... The owner says the color is much fainter (closer to...
  5. D

    Bowkers insecticide stoneware with lid...

    I recently acquired this,seen some similar but non with this particular label. Any input as to its value?
  6. B

    Help Identify this Bottle please!!

    What is it/was it used for? What's the crest? Is it valuable? I'm thinking some sort of old Crown Royal bottle(due to the crest) but I'm probably off base.. Any help is appreciated!
  7. I

    Early James Keiller Marmalade Jar?

    Hi Folks, New member here. I’m trying to figure out the date of this Keiller Marmalade jar. I can’t find any similar ones online. From my research I discovered that the company was established in 1797 and became “James Keiller and Sons” in 1828. Does the fact that “and sons” is missing from my...
  8. J

    -Atlas- Mason's Patent Jar with mixed color.

    What color is this jar? It seems to be mixed of green and brown/yellow, but the top part seems to be aqua. Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks. The top is pretty sharp, not smooth.
  9. J

    Unusual glass jar lid with patent dates

    Can anyone tell me anything about this lid? It is glass, rises up in the middle, and has no threads. Doesn't appear to be one of the flat lids you use with a ring either. Definitely not the ceramic insert in a zinc lid. I'll try to attach some pics. In the middle, where it's raised, there...

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