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  1. K

    probably nothing exciting, but still curious about this bottle bottom

    I don't recognize the mark, though I'm guessing milk since square
  2. UnderMiner

    1895 Bolen & Byrne Soda and a 5 Cent Milk Jug

    Found these two bottles today. The Bolen & Byrne in situ: Immediately after a quick rinse: The bottle isn't perfect as it has a chipped lip but otherwise it is in nice condition. The 5 Cent milk jug is marked "Store Bottle": Later at home I noticed the Bolen & Byrne bottle had a date...
  3. UnderMiner

    Mason Jar Full of Old Paper Milk Covers

    Someone in my neighborhood put this old jar to the curb after doing spring cleaning. When I looked closely I saw it was full of old paper milk bottle covers! Judging from the four digit phone numbers I'm guessing some are close to 100 years old! So cool!
  4. b.ecollects

    Hello from Ontario Canada!

    I'm a newbie who has just started collecting bottles. So far, I have 4 bottles and I'm now always looking for more. I'm addicted to collecting old bottles now. The ones I'm interested in the most are old poison and medical bottles, but I'm looking for any kind of old bottle. Also, thanks for...
  5. H

    Mystery Milk Bottle - Altman’s Dairy

    Greetings Everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any information or knowledge about an Altman’s Dairy? I just acquired a 1/4 pint embossed milk bottle (pictured below) that reads “Property of Altman’s Dairy”. I wasn’t able to find any information about it during some initial online...
  6. Rare Local Milks

    Rare Local Milks

    One of a kind (as of 2020) RC Whitman and JE Laramay milk bottles, and a tough Franklin Dairy slug plate.
  7. Malone, NY Slug Plate

    Malone, NY Slug Plate

    Slug Plate from Malone covered in embossing
  8. logan.the.collector

    One of a kind milk bottles from Upstate NY added to the collection

    I just traded for these rare milk bottles, both local from Tupper Lake, NY. One is from Tupper Lake JCT which is our downtown region near the train station. The RC Whitman is made by a glass company that was only around from 1910-1919 and the JE Laramay was made by a company that lasted from...
  9. logan.the.collector

    A nice pictoral slug plate milk bottle from Buffalo, NY

    Hello, my name is Logan and I am a new member on the forum. I see this is a general chat, so I figured I would share this bottle. It's a pictoral slug plate from the Buffalo Milk Co., which was located at 16 Catchell Street, Buffalo, NY- with the buffalo embossed right in the slug plate. Anyone...
  10. WesternPA-collector

    Amethyst Mount Pleasant Dairy Bottle

    I'm trying to find out a little more info about this amethyst milk bottle from Mount Pleasant, PA. It's been through a lot with scratches and fleabites but I've never seen another one from this small town. On the front it reads "LIQ. 1/2 PT. MT. PLEASANT DAIRY E. E. P. MT. PLEASANT, PA." On the...
  11. S

    Sweet Hollow Creamery Farmingdale L.I. - Looking to purchase

    Looking to purchase a milk bottle (or any other item) from the Sweet Hollow Creamery out of Farmingdale L.I. New York.
  12. M

    Absolutely Pure Milk Bottle

    Looking for info on this bottle. Has milk protector at the bottom, but not "made in Italy" on underside. Any info appreciated. Particularly what i can sell for.
  13. L

    ISO: John Schlaff Creamery - Detroit or Chesterfield MI

    I would love to have ANYTHING from the John Schlaff Creamery -- originally in Detroit in early 1900's, eventually moved to Chesterfield Twp. Michigan. Farm was sold in the 50's. His clientele ranged from Detroit to Port Huron. He was my husband's great-grandfather.
  14. L

    Curious Milk Bottle with Spout

    I've seen a lot of milk bottles, but never one quite like this. No idea of its age, as I found it in a charity shop. I can't tell if the spout is supposed to look like it does or if the end was sliced off for some reason. It's about 4" tall, and the only markings are a W and 12 on the underside...

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