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  1. buenaventura

    Antique Perfume Bottle ? Year?

    I'm looking through my Great-Uncle's collection and found this little gem. He said he's left the inside untouched bc he believes it was a perfume bottle back in the day and could still have perfume residue left on the inside. Could y'all help me date this and also confirm his suspicions of it...
  2. PorkDaSnork


    hey found a Richard Hudnut New York bottle. what’s the value, and who made the bottle? no chips or cracks btw.
  3. U

    Bichara Saisit la Fortune bottle

    I wonder if anyone can help me with this bottle. Bichara Saisit la Fortune. I can't find this shape or this label on the www. I find that "Saisit la Fortune" was released in 1917. But is this the real thing ? Does anyone know if Baccarat made these bottles even though there are no Baccarat marks...
  4. B

    French Medicine or Perfume? Dug in New Orleans Box Well...

    Here's a mystery. L.T. Piver is a French Perfumer. This bottle claims to have something to do with vinegar and eye repair. Seriously, what the heck is it???:confused:
  5. V

    LADY LILLIAN perfume bottle?

    I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this company, or it's bottles. I've searched all over the net with little luck. I have a teeny tiny (depression era?) perfume bottle with diamond cut glass. Does this ring a bell to anyone?

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