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  1. B

    New Bottle show finds

    On Saturday a new Bottle show was held in Ancaster in conjunction with the Ancaster Nostalgia show. Great show with about 20 bottle dealers. Lots of great stuff to be had. The first bottle I bought was a blob top squat soda, J. Eves 1862 from Toronto. Paid 45.$ The next was a Warner Safe Cure...
  2. WesternPA-collector

    Two broken pontils- How old are they?

    Today I came across two pre-1900's bottles that were sadly broken. I'm just trying to find out how old they are, to determine if it's worth going back again and trying to find some intact ones. I don't generally know a lot about bottles from this era.
  3. Robby Raccoon

    Pontiled Poison with Label, C. 1854.

    Here is a mid-1800s arsenic bottle that still contains some of its toxic and white metallic product. The label shows much wear on the edges of the panels of the glass, which lends great credit to its having been on there during its term of service some 16 decades ago. Assuming that this bottle...
  4. D

    May 29 river dive find Open Pontil Curtis Syrup in flint ! Yay!

    Hello all - Been diving a bit lately. Posting stuff regularly on my blog (theDowneastDigger) as well. I did have one dive this week with some good bottles. I was down deep in some grainy sand, digging at the bottom of a river, and dug this nice pontil. I could feel right away, even though...
  5. B

    Looking for veterinary bottles

    I am always looking for veterinary bottles. I prefer 1880's or earlier, especially pontiled ones, but also interested in later ones if they are unusual.
  6. CreekWalker

    Weekend finds , enbossed soda hole, and earlier hole with second pontil found.

    We started a hole after probing the back lot of a 1920's property. Found several undamaged embossed local sodas dating to the 1940's and several food bottles and a couple of colored fruit jars. One of the ketchup is embossed "TANGY" has a Prioff top, and was marked Brooks. We moved back...

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