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  1. K

    R.H. Warns, Inc. info?

    Special thanks to @CanadianBottles for identifying this bottle bottom piece as R.H. Warns, a soda bottler from the Jamaica neighborhood in New York City. I've been trying to get more info on this bottle & bottler, but I'm coming up empty online. Does anyone have any info about R.H. Warns, Inc...
  2. CassieIsaac

    Some things found in the river bank.

    I've found all these along the banks of the Saint John's River in Jacksonville Fl near my house. I've post the group photo along with a couple individuals that I'm curious about finding more information on. Especially the medicine bottle. Any info is appreciated!
  3. H

    Vineland NJ Smith’s Sodas Bottle

    Hello all. I found this bottle yesterday washed up along the Delaware Bay in southern NJ. The bottle is labeled, but from searching online I can’t find any information on Smith’s Sodas. It has a good weight to it and has the markings “1228” and what may be a “G” in a square on the bottom...
  4. WesternPA-collector

    Experimenting with LED light

    Last night I was just trying some bottle lighting scenes and came up with this for ten of my best embossed soda bottles. From left to right, Oakland MD Coke, Whistle 6.5 ounce, Soda from Coca Cola Bottling Charleroi, Hi-Hat Brownsville PA, Howdy Connellsville PA, Bob's Premium King Size...
  5. WesternPA-collector

    Some bottles have come home

    After seeing countless 7up bottles laying in the woods with all the ACL lettering faded or worn away, I realized the only way to get nice ones was using good old Ebay. I got this bundle of 1960's 7up's for a good price. Best part about it, they were all made at Anchor Hocking Plant 5 in my...
  6. S

    WTS Several Bottles- New Jersey, Beer, Soda, Medicine - Small Mixed Lot - Offer

    Hi Everyone-- I have a mixed bunch of bottles available. If interested, I'd prefer to sell as a lot so prefer a pick up in Florida (due to possible shipping breakage and $$$). I'll post a few photos here but i have MORE. Ask questions. Thx!
  7. V

    New Bottle Auction Previews available. Fast, safe shipping. Many lots available (over 100) and many more on the way! Soda bottles, wine bottles, whiskey bottles, beer bottles, and much more. Many...

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