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  1. B

    Canadian Whiskey from Perth Ontario

    Same trip as the Montgomery Alabama jug, but this one was found in a Perth Ontario shop, I asked her about bottles and she reached into a cardboard box and pulled out some newspaper with this gem wrapped in it. There are not very many embossed Canadian whiskey flasks so was quite pleased to...
  2. B

    I.Brickman, wholesale liquors, Montgomery Alabama

    My wife and myself did a little road trip to Montreal stopping in various small shops along the way. We stopped in Smith Falls at a junk shop and found this whiskey jug from Montgomery Alabama. I did not buy it at the time and went on to Montreal did our little trip and a little research on...
  3. W

    M salzman slug plate whiskey, obscure?

    I dug this bottle in a 20s dump back in NY I was wondering if anyone has seen one like it because I can't find any examples online. I believe it to be pretty rare.
  4. J

    Help! info? value? on edinburgh scotland bottle!

    hello all, i stumbled upon this website in search of more information on this bottle i found at a yardsale. it says the distillers agency united Edinburgh scotland on the bottom and looks vintage or antique i can't really tell. it is very nice but i was wondering if i could get anymore info on...
  5. D

    Yellowstone beveled glass bottle with raised porcelain lettering

    I would love more information regarding the pictured bottle. I'm not sure if it's dated BEFORE or AFTER 1900 as my father-in-law was an excavator and came across this bottle while digging out a potato cellar at a late 1800's farmhouse in Nebraska. I have emailed the Yellowstone Distillery in...
  6. WesternPA-collector

    Old Overholt Bottle, recent purchase (with question)

    Recently I was able to find this gem online at a price below market value. The condition of it is immaculate and I was surprised it has no scratches and all the labels are on it. Usually the label saying how old it is, tends to disappear. The only thing that would have been better is if the tax...
  7. H

    Wanted: Miniature bottles

    Guys, it's been a while since i've posted here so i'm really happy to be back: I am always looking to add whiskey miniatures to my collection. I'm only looking for ones with labels. Filling level doesn't really matter: I am more after the condition of the label. Feel free to either comment...
  8. O

    Canadian Whiskey Bottles??

    Hello, I'm new to the site. I recently acquired about 50 bottles from the 1926-1933 era, as evidenced by the Liquor Commission Board of Ontario sealing stickers on many bottles. Most are whiskey bottles (most are embossed), some gin, some wine, and 1 old Hamilton Brewing association Regal beer...
  9. M

    Whiskey Bottle from the Quiet Man

    Can anybody identify the whiskey bottle Red Will Danaher is drinking out of in this screen capture from The Quiet Man? Thank you.
  10. H

    Largest whiskey miniatures collection in the U.S?

    Hi guys, First of all: I am SO happy i was able to find this place! you cannot imagine how thrilled i was to see that i am not the only crazy person chasing after pieces of glass. My name is Rotem ("Ro" works too) and i'm from MD and a proud owner of 2356 different whiskey miniature bottles...
  11. CreekWalker

    Embossed Tree Whiskey Decanter, need info.

    My daughter gave me a couple of bottles, including this whisky decanter, with a embossed tree and the "federal law" statement. Anyone know the brand? Thanks. Saw one many years ago, at an antique mall, but have forgotten the label info.
  12. CreekWalker

    Liquor & Spirits bottle collectors ,this is not to be missed.

    I watched the first installment of Ken Burns, Prohibition series and was absolutely astonished by the presentation. It has many, many references of northeast bottlers and distilleries. It's on PBS and has it's own website, http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/prohibition/

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