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  1. Meileen6

    The Beggars Crow

    Hi! Thanks for allowing me to join the forum! I have been collecting glass and pottery of all kinds for most of the last 25 years. Most exciting to find of course are the unbroken pieces. I have a lot of pieces I would like to eventually identify. The treasure of the find is the hunt you take...
  2. S

    Bordeaux wine or olive oil bottle? 1830-1860?

    Found this bottle in a small river in Perth, Ontario, Canada. First settlers arrived in Perth in 1816. What do you think this is and what date?
  3. C

    Garrett's Wine Bottle, 1 Gallon

    Selling this 1 Gallon Garret's Wine Bottle on eBay. Purchase, make an offer or general feedback is welcome.
  4. M

    Do I have a wine bottle?

    Have not had much luck finding information on this bottle and would appreciate some help. Would guess it's a wine bottle but I don't have knowledge in this area. I found this as a child on family farm north of Springfield IL where there has been a house since 1870's. Bottle is 12 1/2" tall...

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