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After 306 years


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Feb 20, 2020
This picture shows my gold coins laid out as to denomination along with a perimeter of silver 8 reales. The gold coins are 8 and 4 escudos. Gold does not tarnish or corrode, even after 305 years being in contact with salt water. Silver heavily corrodes but not entirely, just about 10% of the surface. I cleaned all those silver coin by wrapping them individually in aluminum foil and putting them into a plastic container filled with non diluted muriatic acid. for about 15 minutes...this will dissolve all the corrosion and not bother the base metal. THESE ARE NOT INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW AS THIS IS DANGEROUS AND WILL GIVE OFF DEADLY FUMES...THIS IS SIMPLY THE WAY I CLEANED MY SILVER COINS.,THE FUMES CAN BE DEADLY. This picture shows my portion after two months of work. At this point in my life I have no more coins but 56 years ago this gave me a financial boost in life, paying off my mortgage, paying off the car loan and putting away money for my kids education.The area where this all took place is now public beach loaded with people (before the virus)...If only the people laying around then on beach towels and playing volley ball knew what was removed from under their feet 56 years ago wouldn't they be amazed!



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Mar 9, 2013
Northern N.J.
Wow Flasks, that's some fantastic booty you found! Amazing! Simply Amazing... I would love to find the story in Nat Geo too...I've got a ton...A TON of N G s!

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