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Amethyst Purple Keystone.


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Jan 11, 2020
New Jersey
Me to! I love water until it’s over my head then I don’t like it to much lol. I guess it’s the unknown or not being able to see what’s down there that freaks me out a little bit.

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I took to it like a fish to water. I got certified, and loved every minute. I just do not own my own gear. Big part right. I have my boat license in New York and New Jersey but have no boat. Total land lubber. A boy can still dream. Who know maybe one day.


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Feb 15, 2020
Any unusual colored jar catches my EYE. I think the amethyst SUN colored Jar's are very beautiful. Here's a couple colored jars I have jarsandstuff can Probably tell me more about this ball perfect Mason. treated right?. I had to experiment so here's a couple jars I left out on carport for 6 months a dry and economy. They were very lightly Sun treated when I put them up there but they've turned quite a bit in 6 months



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Aug 28, 2004
Yes, your Ball jar has been irradiated. When Selenium was used as the clarifier, the jars have a yellowish or peachy tint naturally. When nuked, they turn that icky brown color.


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Sep 29, 2012
Normally I stay away from them, but I purchased a heavily irradiated half gallon mineral water for the shop window. I knew it was irradiated, the seller was up front, and I liked the DEEP purple in it, could barely see through it. After less than a year in the window, the purple color lightened by half. Not sure if time does that or some other environmental factor, but those deep purple items you see, will in my experience, fade back and settle into a lighter, almost natural SCA.

I still love the bottle, and it looks more natural now. I used to dig in Salt Lake and we would put all our clear bottles up on the carport roof to sun. Left them out for just over a year and some colored nicely, some barely and some not at all. Irradiating a bottle to speed up time to get to that light, natural look is what I think most people who buy or sell them are after. These deep purple glass items have become popular over the past few years and there is also market for them for non-collectors who just want a purple jar for a vase or window decor.

If you like color, go for it.

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