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Cretaceous Bottles?/date the dump/Coca Cola question


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Nov 23, 2020
Until the water got too cold in december, i would go every saturday To Big Brook which is a very well know place to find Cretaceous period (roughly 65-100 million year ago) panning for shark teeth, fish teeth etc. The place is great and i have several hundred teeth and other fossils. Why on a bottle site? Last year a found a the bottom part of a bottle, a pontil! and a couple of other interesting pieces. So launched my interest in bottles. A torn meniscus kept me away until today and i went, not with pan and trowel, but with my 3 prong garden tool. The area has a long history and i hoped to find where they dumped their garbage a century or two ago. Well, the feeder that i hoped would be promising came up empty (except for a partial skull and turtle shell). Staying out of the water i got a bit lost and stumbled on an old dump but nothing too old; old folding chairs and whatnot, a ton of crushed cans but no glass at all. Disappointed i tried to find the Brook to get me back to my exit and car. Followed the brook a bit until i came upon some downed trees which i couldn't climb over. So i climbed the bank to detour around it and lo and behold, glass and bottles and a lot of them. Pretty clear early on that it was mostly 50-60s household stuff. Nothing too old but for me, finding my first dump, it was a thrill. Loaded up two large plastic bags which was more than i could carry and made my way to my car with a smile on my face. So, my Coca Cola question: i found 6 coke bottles (all broken) with the bottling location on the bottom (2 New York, NY, 1 just New York, Philadelphia Pa, Palmerton PA and my favorite, Asbury Park, NJ). Is there any resource which would tell me when those bottling sites stopped embossing the bottom? Thanks for reading!


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Oct 6, 2006
by the time the 6 1/2 oz. Coke came out in 1958 some of the Cities being listed on Bottom were being Phased out. LEON.

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