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E.D. Meyer cobalt blue Augusta geo. soda pontil


Jan 12, 2015
I found this bottle a while back and started a discussion about it to gather info. After discovering how rare of a find this is , I thought I would keep it. Looked good on my mantle , but made me nervous So it went on a shelf in the gun safe. I'm not a collector This bottle should be cared for and displayed by someone who appreciates it for more than just its monetary worth. However, I'm not a collector, so it's monetary worth is more important to me. If you are interested in a chance to buy this bottle then please send me a message and we can talk. I have talked to several collectors in different parts of the country and I know about what it is worth. However, two of the gentlemen were trying to buy it from me so I feel like they would have given a bit more. Serious inquiries only. I will send all the photos and videos you want if you send me an email or phone number. Thank you and hope to reach a deal with someone. Website Says all my photos are too large. But you should be able to find my post from last dec or jan.


Well-Known Member
Oct 28, 2012
I personally appreciate the offer to us collectors of a rare bottle, undoubtedly, but there is a section to solicit the sale of a bottle on this site. If you don't have a price in mind to sell at, these kind of things are best left to auction, as opposed to fishing amongst us for the largest offer, as that gets discouraging. It looks as if your only posts made here are asking experts for help on value of this bottle, and currently attempting to cash in the highest dollar on your newly discovered valuable find. Don't let me scare you away, it's admirable you'd like to have the bottle in a collector's hands. It's just too often, I see people ask for their bottle's value, offer to sell in a later post on this site, and then disappear; this adds little to the bottle collecting hobby and this forum. Surely you didn't spend the time to join a great bunch of folks discussing history and information of beautiful antique bottles, to just learn about one bottle and peddle goods? I'd invite you to peruse many of the older posts through this site, and if not familiar with bitters and historical flasks, please check these out! Some of the most incredible utilitarian glass creations exist here! If I'm outta line, I'll take a step back to the end...


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Apr 24, 2007
A lightly cleaned and beautiful example just sold at auction in the Rusty Frye auction, so one of the guys that you were trying to sell this too might have already gotten lucky. $1800 plus the buyers premium, so around $2K. That bottle had a tiny buffed out chip in the lip (less damage than what your has). In uncleaned condition with the flake, I would expect yours to run maybe $1200 or so in a private sale...good luck.


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Oct 28, 2012
RICKJJ59W said:
where is the pictureÂ
Check out the user's posts. There are only 5, and only about his bottle. It looks to be in pretty rough shape, with bad staining and some deep scratches. Still, a great bottle!

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