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I live in Calgary and can assure you that this style of bottle is normally quite prized, since it appeals to brewerianists, bottle collectors, local nostalgia collectors and western memorabilia collectors. It's hard to top that bison head trademark used by the Calgary Brewing & Malting Co., Ltd. These guys come in two colour variations: clear and a deep aqua which verges on being an electric blue. The distinct deep aqua is typical of the bottles and jars made at Dominion Glass Company's Redcliff, Alberta plant during the plant's earliest years of operation just before World War One (1914-1918). As to value, I've known the deep aqua bottles to sell from $50 to around $150, depending on condition.

At first glance, the bottle listed on Ebay has much going for it: strong embossing, bright shiny condition, and little case wear (see posted pic). But then there is that missing top ring of the crown lip. It's missing in such a perfectly even manner that one can't help but assume it was intentionally altered to hide lip chipping. The brewery was a big operation -- until oil money found its way to Calgary in the 1940s/50s, the brewery was one of the city's top four industrial concerns -- and it was more than sufficiently capitalized to be able to stay on top of technological developments, such as installing automatic bottling lines and the like in timely fashion. One can conclude from this that the brewery would have had no need to alter machine made crown bottles into mini blob tops.

The seller does not appear to be a bottle collector, so he/she may well be ignorant in the matter (ignorant in the truest sense of the word). Still, the seller does not offer any comment on condition. This omission makes me, personally speaking, suspicious. I, too, feel sorry for the solitary bidder. If the bottle were intact, I may have put in a bid or two myself, but I stay away from damaged goods like this one.



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Well, to each his own, but seven bidders put the bottle to a $177.50 winning bid. Imagine if the bottle had been intact?!


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looks like the solitary bidder is not the only one to worry about now. If a damage one is worth that much what is a nice one worth in this market?

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