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Finally found a good Privy.


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Feb 23, 2015
LaPorte County, Indiana
Nice digs, Leon. I wish I could get into that era, lately it's 20th Century surface and pits for me. Thx for posting all those pics!

To "Western", those Eastern diggers have it made as they live in really historical areas that were densely populated. That's what "spoils" them.
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Jun 25, 2019
Lakewood, Colorado
sanborn maps all states avail for free for one day, October 31 oldmapman@gmail.com

Me & Tom got out about 6 times this year, not much. did not find much all year long. a slow year. Finally last Weekend, Me & Tom & Vic went up north to do some Privy Digging. Tom Probed out the first Privy. It was a total Dud. only got a broken Crock top Handle. SO, I started probing along the Fence line starting at back corner & working my way up as usual. This way good chance sooner or later your going to find something, which I did when I got about 1/4 way up the property line from the back corner. Within the first foot we started finding old broken blob tops & other old glass shards, a very good sign. As we go down we find a little here & there. Found a Broken Bitters Slick. Then a few more old looking Slicks like 1870-80s looking. LEON.View attachment 190693View attachment 190694

sanborn maps all states avail for free for one day, October 31 oldmapman@gmail.com tell me the state and I will send you all cities that I have maps for. I can e mail the in PDF files. Limit of 30 with the free offer.
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