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I have about 40 bottles I will give away.
Some medicines, sodas, and perfumes. Mostly 1900 or earlier.
Nothing great but good for a starting collector and the price is right.
You must be able to come pick them up, I will NOT ship.

Located in Frederick MD. (if you have to drive more than 30 miles , its probably not worth the trouble)
email me if you are interested at


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Matt: In the spirit of your generosity, I will pay shipping (up to $25) through PayPal for you to ship any of these bottles to any takers under the age of 18. I'm a high school teacher and want to encourage young people in the hobby. Just let me know the particulars through a PM, if (when, I hope) you get a youthful taker. Cheers, Glen


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Hello Guntherhess, I have two grandchildren whom I have started a nice bottle collection for, They have learned to to dig,clean, And take care of their bottles. They are 7 & 8 years old. When they have friends over their bottles are the first thing they want to show off! I think Glen is very noble for his offer!!! I would match his offer if you are willing to allow my Grand children to receive the bottles, Or a part of them anyhow. Please let me know if you decide on how to distribute the bottles. Thanks, Kevin...


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You are a great guy and a huge asset to this forum. Thank you for bringing up the standards for all of us. This is a very generous gesture. One of many by the kind people on here. We should all take notice and do more of this.

For those who wanted to help out some kids - also a great idea. But it needs to be set up differently. Anybody who has ever sold bottles on the bay knows, it is a lot of work (and sometime expense and time) to pack, protect, and ship them. Gunth offered something different. Once again, thanks Gunth. For those who were trying to help out some kids. Start a new thread. I'm sure we could still manage it.[:)]


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Wow, never thought that my offering to pay for shipping was so misguided. I was merely putting out the option that if Matt had a young person wanting to take him up on his offer but couldn't drive to pick them up that I'd cover the cost of shipping, which implies that I'd also cover the cost of bubble wrap, etc., since shipping costs are a bit more than the more specific postal costs. I envisioned the possibility of a 14-year-old wanting to acquire a few bottles, but not having means of travel because of not having a license and not being able to convince adults to drive him/her. My bad for trying to improvise on the original offer.


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Mctaggart. I also think that your offer was very generous. It makes me proud that we have such great people on here and I really like the idea of inspiring new generations of collectors. It's just not exactly what Gunth was offering.


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Mctaggart. I honestly apologize if you thought I was rebuking you. I thought that your offer was really nice (and it did make me proud to be part of this community). But Gunth was doing something nice as well - just differently. So, once again, to the extent that you were rebuked, please accept my humble apologies. I do think your offer of paying for shipping to kids could work, it just needs it's own thread.

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