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Not being a feebay seller I was not aware that feebay had changed its fees for listing. Good information to know, thanks.
"Like it or not"... not so much the bottle, but how it was humiliated by the seller. Should have been left in its original state as it may now be permanently ruined. This is all just my personal opinion. The item has lost its integrity almost to the point of being a fantasy item now. I try to improve the appearance of trays, signs and bottles by cleaning these, but that soda is a good example of a poor way to do that. I have seen many attempts by folks to deceive/trick others into thinking something is better than it is. Fortunately in the case of that soda they did such a poor job it is obvious what was done and I hope they are not rewarded from throwing it "against the wall at a high price to see if it sticks". Below is a picture of a tray I improved with some simple cleaning techniques. No painting. No trickery. No deception. Sometimes you just gotta know when to stop and that ebay seller as I said is a "good example" of what happens when we don't and go too far.
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I do that with coins too. If one doesn't have lot of value to begin with, it can't hurt to just make it look better. But there is always those out there that have a fit anytime someone touches a coin, even if they are dug. (And I have done both) A dug coin always has environmental damage, so it already has a strike against it, and one has to at least get the dirt off. And that is cleaning, no matter how mild. That tray looks way better, IMO.


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Heres a Beer can I cleaned.


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Wow, I wouldn't even recognize it as the same can! Is lemon juice the way to go?

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Some people REALLY have no business trying to "restore" stuff. What a joke that bottle is. Probably the last post he or she will; leave here. lol


Some one made a $99 bid for this one.
I always have to question the legitimacy of such a bid. It's been floating around on feebay for sometime. I suspect shill bidding. I may be wrong, but it is unwise to put very much money into such an obvious paint over. In my own thinking this is a fake now.

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