If You Have Seen One Embossed Coke Bottle, You've Seen Them All...........


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7 UP Green Coca Cola Bottle

Uncle_Jarvis, I would tend to agree with your thoughts as to the origination of the bottle. If its history is accurate, and it did in fact come from within Coca Cola Atlanta, I think that would tend to confirm it being a color sample or prototype bottle rather than a third shift bottle. Still have a few others to contact concerning this piece, and will post an update as more information is gathered. Another gent I spoke to told me of rumors that Coke was considering a green and red bottle Christmas Holiday pair back in the early 60s, but that the red bottles could not be produced either economically or to suit their expectations, so the project was scrapped. But again, that is just hearsay.

Hi, I am wondering if you found additional information concerning the origin of this bottle? I have one of these and none of my bottle collecting friends here in North Carolina have ever seen one. I have been searching for information on this piece for a few years now. I am interested in any new information you may have learned.
Uncle_Jarvis, nothing to add to the earlier information except that the information about the origin of the bottle at CC Atlanta appears to hold true sans any disputes to the contrary. Would love to see a photo of your example, and if possible, the base and date / mold code numbers from the side of the bottle. Thank you.


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Hi I am on vacation in Canada now until the first week in Oct. The bottle is in North Carolina. I will be glad to add images when I return to North Carolina.


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Here is another example of the Emerald Green Coca Cola bottle. We have a summer home in Newfoundland Canada and my neighbor dug this one up while working in his garden. Knowing I was interested in old bottles he gave it to me. The main difference I see is this one has french and English registration embossing.


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