Listed on the Bay 1876 Geo A Kelly Wholesale Druggists w/Bottles Product/Price Book

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Jul 28, 2018
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Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you a link to the "Geo A. Kelly & Co, formerly B.A. Fahnestock & Co", Pittsburgh, PA. Wholesale Druggists Product Catalog, that I had wrote about in another thread! I had made a listing for this item in my store this morning, and will be offering it to the high bidder, if there is one, as I have it set to start at my reserve price!!

This is the ca.1876 Geo. A .Kelly & Co, Wholesale Druggists of Pitt, PA. formerly known as B.A. Fahnestock & Co (est 1829) They manufactured and sold all types of products including: Patent and proprietary medicines, white lead products, paints & oils, drugs & drug sundries/supplies & chemicals and they ran several glasshouses, manufacturing all types of glass bottles, jars, window glass, oil & kerosene lamps & chimneys! Advertisements for all of these items & more can be found inside this little booklet of period correct products along with their current prices for the year of 1876!

In Very, Very good condition, contains a total of 134 pages, measures approx 1/2" thick, by 6" tall by 4" wide! Chock full of great ads and products with prices! Judge it for yourself! Take a look and see the condition! It's a very solid little book! Guaranteed through eBay and Pay Pal's guarantees and through My own personal promise of excellence!!

I really didn't want to sell it at first, as I do collect medicines and proprietary bottles of different sorts and ages! But, I had thought long and hard about it, and because I am a collectibles dealer by profession, I will offer it up for bid! Although I will not lower the integrity of the item and sell it for little of nothing. (something the internet does to a vast many of collectibles already) It will be sold for what it is, a valuable and scarce resource approx 150 years of age, in excellent condition!

You can view the booklet and the description by clicking on the link below, and you can place your bids there or ask any questions! You can also contact me here, I'm always open for questions and reasonable offers!

If the link wont take you to my listing, you can do a search by clicking on 'Advanced' in the top right hand corner of any of your ebay pages, and searching for me by username or item number! Thanks for stopping in and happy hunting!

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