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My first insulator's!


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Feb 28, 2012
bluegrassfan76 said:
I know they aren't worth much, I see them all the time at antique stores when I wander through looking for soda bottles, usually they are $3 each or less. I thought someone may be interested in nine of them for only $15. I've seen some nice craft ideas on some different websites. I'm actually thinking about trying to make a lamp or two with some of the bigger ones but from what I've researched online, drilling through the glass to run the wire takes a bit of skill and some practice to get just right. I may mess with it some day. MIKE
iggyworf said:
Mike, if we lived close to each other I would give you 15$ for all 9. That's 1.66$ each. Great deal. Keep trying to sell them. Hopefully someone comes thru. Yeah I always wanted to try and drill thru them also. But never tried yet. My idea is something like a xmas lite inside each one but from under them, not drilling a hole. For around my ponds.

Good ideas, I would like to see the finished products!

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