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coldwater diver

Well-Known Member
Nov 10, 2006
Hey Eric no joke Im sorry there are not more responses to this show. I know there are others viewing it(336 hits) but so far its me, you, BeenDiggin, and BlackGlass. I was informed that this is the longest running bottle show in new england. In any case I look forward to being there, I love seeing all those old bottles in one place. Drive safe, Kevin


Well-Known Member
Aug 9, 2010
Glen Ridge, New Jersey
ORIGINAL: Blackglass

ORIGINAL: cowseatmaize

Oh and FYI, I'll be the the young guy with the black, backwards-facing Triforce cap.
Be sure to keep your back turned so I can recognize you.[:D]
Well hey, whatever works for you :)

But seriously, I'm probably going to be the only collector their that's under 18, I'll probably stand out a little.
That's usually how it is for me at NJ shows... But at South River, there were actually a lot of young people there, many even younger than me!


Well-Known Member
Dec 2, 2004
Northeastern USA
Some from the show, what a great time it was. So I didn't get that big ticket item, I never can afford one but....
I got a couple of deco style sodas.
And these,
Preston of New Hampshire in a more unusual shape.
Bordens Malted Milk with lid (½ pint)
J&IEM ink, very clean
Royal Ruby, 7Oz size. I've seen the quarts wanting to be shot, smaller not so much.
I can speculate no problem. I know the Bordens is not listed in RB10 (one Gal listed), the Prestons is more unusual then the squares and some others, the Royal Ruby (haha, still looks like brown to me) is not as common in 7oz and the inks are quite common (I just always wanted one) but I would like your thoughts.
I'm not asking for price quotes, I know that can be taboo. I'd just like to know if you agree or disagree.
I'll get the Ruby when my camera decides to work again. 4 is the max now.



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