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NuGrape soda bottle


New Member
Dec 28, 2020
Hello! Hope this is proper way to submit this, my first post w/this grp—would like info/feedback re a NuGrape soda bottle (has lots of scratches, but pretty/interesting text); not sure of age/value, so wanted to ask for input fr more seasoned collectors. Most interesting is a sm thin ribbon of text w/words: “a flavor you cant forget” (no apostrophe), and missing is “Soda” under star, as well as any reference to it not being grape juice. (Apologies for poor lighting quality of photos.) Tku in advance for any/all info to better understand quality of this bottle.



New Member
Dec 28, 2020
Nu Grape started with this design in the 20's. This is a pretty common bottle but the Savannah on the base will make it more desirable to someone wanting that specific city.
C J Root filed for a patent on this shape in 1925.
TKU for the info re the Nu Grape design—this bottle has “BOTTLE PAT’D MARCH 9, 1920” in raised lettering at base. Even w/it’s weathering/scratches, it’s a pretty pc. (Don’t recall seeing the brand around in our local stores, which is what drew my attention to this bottle.) Tku again for info!

Bottle 2 Rocks

Well-Known Member
Jan 29, 2021
If you notice the illustration also dates April 12 1932 in top left corner, I guess they had to re-up the patents from time to time. This could be why there is a 1920 date. (I can't find the application for the 1920-but I'm sure its out there) I know they switched from a straight side bottle they used in the late teens to the one you have (1920). I have the the same as yours as well as a later one with the 1932 date listed on it but its a pebble textured bottle all over.

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