Recent Construction Finds.


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I was wondering Leon - in the Chicago area after around 1973 (after I dug at the old Riverview site), it became impossible to get into a construction site and dig for bottles. Companies put fences and signs, keeping people out. So it seems like Detroit does not require construction companies to keep people out of their sites. Is that true?

I think Fences are more optional, but they are tearing down so many old abandoned houses & Buildings that probably cant supply enough fencing fast enough, This lot actually had a orange plastic fence put up around it but like usual half of it fell over so easy access. Most will have a orange plastic fence, some a real metal fence & the bigger construction sites will usually have a real metal fence & a lot of times a security guard booth & or Security cars driving around. some spots are about impossible to enter unless you can bribe a guard with money or have a good connection with someone. LEON.


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Lord, Leon. I thought I had already commented. Sorry. Those are great finds and as Rick just said, great insitu pics!


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I wish I had my Camera for 2nd time around (dang old ladies) & then I would of had even more & better in Situ Pics as things got better, slightly. LEON.


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Couple more pics. LEON. P1040514.jpgP1040515.jpgP1040517.jpg

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