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Repro or Fake Warners


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Jul 7, 2016
All I can say is that they did not make that particular Warner's Safe Kidney & Liver Cure in clear, they were all amber. Clear was available for the 1/2 pints, but I didn't see one for the full pint Warner's Kidney and Liver Cures. I got that info from a Warner's site (warnersreferenceguide.blogspot.com) You can check it out if you wish. However, I'm not sure if they made them clear in Australia. Maybe a more experienced collector can can give more info.
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May 9, 2019
Branchton, ont. Canada
My thoughts are that it is not a reproduction, if you do a Google search and go to images for warner safe cure there are a couple of pictures of your bottle. I feel it would be too expensive and not desirable enough to bother faking them.

Michael Seeliger

New Member
Aug 5, 2020
Very interesting find. If you look at it, it seems to be one of the reproductions from the 1960s. Like the cobalt blue one and the yellow one they are very good reproductions. Not like the crawford crown bottles that are marked on the bottom. Who made them is unknown. They all have a couple of things that tell them apart from real Warners. The top lip is usually quite flat. They are just a bit taller. The c in cure is small not capitalized. The lines under the safe go well below the wheels. The i in Liver is quite close to the v not centered. This seems to be the same in this bottle. Still it is a great find. The cobalt one usually sells for $200 + so I would imagine this would go fairly well also. The yellow one you can pick up fairly cheap they made more of them. I sure would like to get more photos and possibly see it for my book on Warner bottles. (which is on eBay- ebook) I would really like to talk to the owner of the bottle and get more information. Michael Seeliger


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Apr 24, 2007
The lettering on these looks very similar to the reproduction "My Wife's Salad Dressing", "Glover's", and "Dr. King's" bottles among others. I've always been told they were sold in flower shops in the 1960's and were made in Italy, but I've got nothing to back that up.

Michael Seeliger

New Member
Aug 5, 2020
Warner was very particular about his bottles. He won an injunction against Dr. Craig and got the rights to the bottle shape and the words & Liver connected to a Kidney cure. He had to make sure his patent and trade mark was kept so he only put up medicine in amber bottles. When the Ltd company purchased the cure in 1891 they changed in England and in Germany and Pressburg to allow colored bottles. Green and shades of green. When the company was sold to JJ DeMay here in the USA he relaxed the requirements when the Remedy was forced by the Food and Drug Act of 1906. So when he changed from Cure to Remedy about 1909 those bottles were whatever was blown at the time. Some clear, green and aqua crept though. The clear ones they are finding in England come from about 1915 or later I believe. They are found in newer dumps. England used the blown glass much after the ABM was produced in the US. Even those being crude, bubbly and old appearing they are actually the newest Warners out there. As for Pressburg and Frankfurt with the teal etc. These bottles were commissioned by druggists who manufactured the cure themselves through licensing from the LTD co.


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Jan 6, 2021
Picked this bottle up in an op shop here in South Australia. There is no base mark
I can't tell but I've never seen one that looks like that usually they're Amber are honey amber take a picture of the bottom i will know then see what the seam line is doing if it goes from top to bottom it's a reproduction

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