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Shillings Factory 6oz Hybrid with Amber/lime green marble Marble


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I recently bought the attached bottle at a nearby Antique dealer for a bargain. Upon cleaning I found it to be a colored marble Hybrid. I only recently decided to only specialize in Codd collecting and thus am not that clued up on value etc ect. From my little searching on Google, it seems that the Shilling Factory Kimberley (South Africa), is well known for colored marbles but the 6oz Hybrid with Amber marble is very scares? Is this correct? I would love to know what the bottles value is (I DO NOT intend to sell) out of curiosity as I got it for only R40 (3$).

Amber Marble.JPGShillings 6oz Hybrid.JPG
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May 24, 2014
That's very cool! If I remember correctly South Africa has a lot of coloured marble Codds. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the value and I don't think we have any other South African collectors active at the moment but I can certainly tell you that it's worth more that three dollars! I wish we had bottles like that up here, Codd bottles only show up in a few places in Canada and none of them are coloured as far as I know.

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