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Nov 29, 2008
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If you wish to add a listing, please CLICK THIS LINK and add it there, I will make occasional adjustments to the list.. thanks and thank you for being a bottle person!

2MUCHSTUFF: Doyles in strange colors and crazy BITTERS
ACCOUNTADAM; Chillicothe and hillsboro ohio bottles, anything from the C.S. Bell Company, and fruit jars
AKRONMARBLES: Wanted any bottles from Canal Fulton, Ohio.
AJOHN: Colored fruit or mason jars,or with swirles
ALASKA: any handblown bottles embossed VA
ANDY G: Sing Sing, NY bottles (other than standard Hunt's Liniment with 8 sides)
ANDY VOLKERTS: Cure bottles, especially western in location of bottle name or company
ANTLERMAN23: Minnesota blob tops, hutches, tooled crown tops, pre 1930 ABM sodas/beers, and blown medicines, especially from rochester minnesota.
ASTERISK80: Any Types of Bottles Wanted from Eastern Connecticut: Putnam, Thompson, Danielson, Dayville, Killingly, Pomfret, Woodstock.
AY SEE ELL: Acl's before 1970.
BABYLOVESTOYS: Dr. M A Simmons liver medicine bottle or tin from st. louis Mo.
BALTBOTTLES: Pontiled and early colored Baltimore bottles of all types.....Also Baltimore Stoneware Bottles.
BAMABOYBOTTLES2: Blocton and West Blocton Alabama bottles
BARBARAINCALIF: California blob top beers.
BEENDIGGIN: Maine bottles, bottles with the name" McClure "
BIGBER4604: South Dakota Bottles: Hutch, ACL, Embossed Sodas, Pharmacy
BILLINMO: Rochester, NY; anything produced by Boston Bottle Works or Oakman Mfg Co.
BITTERS R SWEET: Bitters. Barrels, Cabins,Figurals, hard to get squares, pictoral gins, figural whiskeys. anything crude. Have many to trade!
BLACKGLASS: Anything BIM...Sodas, beers, meds, druggists, inks, poisons, ales, whiskeys, utility bottles, ect...
BNE74HONDA: Any Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky bottles, preferrably X embossed on bottom. Any color esp. greenish/yellow. Owl Drug poisons. Any pontiled beverage bottles from 1720-1840
BOSTAURUS: Veterinary medicines and liniments..American or foreign. Pontiled and colored apothecaries.
BOTLENUTt: Pontiled Colognes, 1/2 Pint Colored Mineral Waters, Violin Bottles in rare colors.
BOTLGUY: Anything WAW-WAW related. Bottles from Santa Ana, Calif or Coeur d' Alene, Idaho
BOTTLE34NUT: Paterson or Newark,nj bottles hutches or squat sodas
BOTTLECHASER62: Inks and Bitters
BOTTLEKID76: Missouri bottles
BOTTLESCRIPT: Pepsi + Coke hutches & SS bottles. Imitators eg. Gay Ola, Chero cola, Celery Cola, hutches and Quart hutches
BOTTLES r LEET: Mint local druggist bottles from the following towns. Dorchester, Orange, Groton, Canaan, and Plainfield NH.
BRIAN S: Drake's Plantation Bitters ( unusual colors and rare molds ) , Drake's go withs , and Tennessee Bitters.
BUFFALO HUNTER: Buffalo Mineral & Lithia Water bottles esp. Cobalt Blue, Orange Amber and emerald Grn.
BZHISHK: Stoecker's soda only!
CALDIGR2: A.P. Hotaling & Co., J. H. Cutter whiskey items, unusually colored OP Lyon's Powder and other similarly shaped insect poison bottles.
CMULLIGANNWI: Looking for P.J. Ratigan and T.J. Rattigan bottles from Bordentown, NJ. Also collect Chicago, NW Indiana, and Ireland bottles.
CARLING: Cleveland, Ohio ACL / Painted Label soda bottles, and CLEVELAND paper label Sodas and Beer bottles.
CAROBRAN: Mississippi bottles(hutches,druggists,milks etc.)
CELERYCOLA: Looking for Celery Soda bottles and advertising from US, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, etc. Particularly the following brands: Celery=Cola, My-Coca, Cel-Ray, Celo, Kolatona, Celery Tonic, Celery Phosphate, Celery Cream, Celery Beer.
CHERISE: mountain dew....
CHUCK1188: Bitters, anything Texas
CHUCKNORRIS: BIM sample bitters and whiskys I don't have for my collection - many duplicates for sale or trade
COBALTBOT: Bel Air, MD or Delta, PA.
CONSDIGGINVIDS: Pennsylvania Bottles from the following towns: Chambersburg, Shippensburg, Wayensboro, Mercersburg, McConnellsburg, Burnt Cabins, Bedford, Everret, Saxton, Hyndman, Three Springs, Huntingdon, Lewistown, Mount Union, and Newport.
CORDILLERAN: Inks (pontil and non-pontil) Historical flasks Western druggists (and dose cups) Bitters. Cures. Taters (Yukon Gold).
COREYA: Canning jars & go withs
CAROLYNN.KRATOCHVIL: Braidwood, Illinois bottles, please!
COWSEATMAIZE: Embossed bottle (1 ea) from Brownfield ME, Boxborough MA, Wall SD, Stroudsburg PA and Rancho Palos Verdes CA.
CRACKED BOTTLE: Baltimore Pontiled Medicines
CREEKWALKER: West TN squat soda, hutch, slug plate SS soda, local meds & slug plate milks,
CROZET86: Charlottesville, Scottsville, Lexington Virginia bottles.
CYBERDIGGER: Red Bank & Long Branch, NJ blobs and squats
DALTON BOTTLES: Early black glass, 1650-1750
DEACON_FROST: anything old from Boonville Missouri
DEEP DIGGER: Colored pontil sodas from New Jersey also a few smooth base colored ones.
DEEPBLUEDIGGER: British embossed pontils (especially medicines) earlier English stoneware and freeblown or dip mold black glass
DELAWAREJACKD: anything to do with Tennessee whiskey mainly jack daniels
DELDIG: Wilmington, Delaware (Newark Delaware also)
DELPHINIS: any BIM bottles from Gloucester, Mass.
DEWDOG: Roane Co. Tenn. bottles--Rockwood, Harriman and Oliver Springs
DIGDUG: Coca-Cola Products, Ramblin Root Beer, Chime, Mr Pibb, Sprite Fresca, etc.
DIV2ROTY: Figural Bitters
DOLLARBILL: Ink's,Glues,Polish's and Dyes
DRAGON0421: Tennessee bottles, straight side cokes or pepsi bottles also, TN hutches looking for alabama bottles birmingham etc
DRUGGISTBOTTLES: I am interested in better quality druggist bottles. Primarily I look for colored AND/OR pictoral druggists. I also like pontiled or territorial ones. I prefer that the bottles have some variation of “Apothecaryâ€, “Druggist†or “Chemist†on them as well as a City AND/OR State.
EAGLE: Masonic Flasks ( GIV-1- 12) ( GIV-17 - 21), Colorful Cylinder Shaped Demijohns, 15 and half to 16 inches.
DUGZ: Los Angeles Bottling Works Hutch, Coca Cola Bottling Works Los Angeles, CCBW.
ERIC: Ver-Vac bottles and Nichol Kola bottles
FRUIT JARS: I am looking for fruit jars. Collect rare pints and unusual closured jars. Looking for an AP Brayon and pint JC Baker fruit jar.
GEORGEOJ: Petal Jars any old, iron pontiled, dark cobalt blue, half gallon Petal Jar, but I could make due with a
GRIME5: 1915 or 1923 cokes
HBGPABOTTLES: Harrisburg(h) PA bottles...all types.
HOLINDAZE: Roanoke, Virginia or surrounding cities.Any and all bottles
ILOVEJAKE24: Western made Jamaica Ginger's, Shear top umbrella inks, Western Bitters
INSULATORS RULE: Ontario bottles and of course.... insulators, prefer threadless, but let me know what you have!
IMUKDIVER: Lancaster, pa sodas,beers, mineral water, and druggist.
IOWADIGGER64: Iowa Bottles & Crockery
JARHUNTER: Sussex Co. N.J. bottles and milks. Newton, Franklin Furnace, Franklin, Hamburg, Mcafee Valley, Mcafee, Deckertown, Sussex, Wantage, Branchville, Augusta, Byram, Stanhope, Andover.
JAYBECK: Ohio ACLs and embossed crown top sodas Cleveland & Toledo, embossed crown top NDNRs, any Cedar Point bottles, Orange Crush variants
JIM: Squat sodas and beers from Lewistown, Huntingdon or Patterson, PA. Druggists, hutches, tall blobs and embossed milks from Lewistown, Reedsville, Belleville, Allensville, Milroy, McVeytown, Newton Hamilton or Granville, PA.
JOETHECROW: Crude, aqua or colored meds...the whackier the name & claim, the better!
JOHNDEEREMOXIE: Looking for Westport Massachusetts Milk Bottles! Moxie Bottles, and an Original Ted's Creamy Root Beer. Thanks!
JSKIRK: Trademark electric Ground lip Fruit jar
KBBOTTLES: Rumford Chemical Works in odd colors and sizes.Older NJ towns: New Brunswick, Somerville, Franklin Park, and South Brunswick Area towns and Pontiled NJ sodas
KTBI: Any 'Kidney' embossed on it
KWALKER: Sea Isle City, Ocean View, Strathmere, Mays Landing, Cape May, Atlantic City and Ocean City, NJ bottles!!
LASTMANSTANDING: South Dakota and Dakota Territory
MADPADDLA: CT Bottles, colored squat sodas, case gins, toothbrushes.
MARKH: Scarce/rare embossed cures. Especially want the few cures from SC (Burdashaw's, Simonds, others?) and CO (Haswell, Suckow).
MGARDZIELLA: Buying soda bottles and memorabilia from Williamston and Lansing, MI.
MICHAELFLA: Any BIM or unusual early bottles from Florida.
MIKE O: Lafayette flasks
MORBIOUS_FOD: https://www.antique-bottles.net/forum/m-414967/mpage-1/key-/tm.htm#429496
MTFDFIRE22: Michigan bottles of all sorts, love hutches and looking for that special mungers sarsaparilla
MYERSDIGGERS1998: I'm looking for a ginger beer from Watertown n.y. McCoy&Hanlon english brewed and I'm looking for a brown and a green hutch from here also thanks.
NAILEM63: Picnic Beers and California beers Western whiskies
NARGO: Butler,NJ bottles
NCBRED: "Mint Cola" bottles, embossed sodas from NC, ACL's from NC....hell, any kind of bottle from North Carolina.
NCDIGGER5: Korbeline bottles. They look like fire grenades but they are medicine bottles. I have the amber one.
NHGLASS: Stoddard Double Eagle Flasks, Stoddard Lettered Flasks, Stoddard Patent Flasks, Stoddard Demijohns ( with Wicker attached as well),Keene
NICKLE: Maine acl's
NJCOLLECTOR: LeCompte's Dairy bottle Lakewood NJ; also Hulse & LeCompt blob top Southard NJ
NOMORECOP: 3 Centa from Athens georgia
NOSTALGIA: Quebec (or Eastern Ontario) bottle that I don't have, especially Sodas, Ginger beers, ACL's, medicine...
NYCFLASKS: Sayville LI bottles. NYC flasks. Brooklyn flasks. Long Island flasks
NYDIGGER: Newburgh, NY- Oakley 146 Water St., anything from the old Newburgh Glass Works Site, not only Newburgh NY stuff but anything Orange County Ny as well. Anything from druggist bottles to beers
NYDIGGER1: NYC (5 boroughs) blob tops which include, Bronx, L.I. (with Queens locations), Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island (Tottenville included) / ANY Coney Island Bottles / Franklin Furnace or Franklin NJ bottles / Jos. Strohmenger-Frank Opermann Jr.-Turtle Bay-Lager beer-Oceanic N.J.
OHIO ROB: Massillon, Ohio (and surrounding areas) bottles.
OKLABOTTLES: Oklahoma drugstore,sodas,and embossed milks also NB and KS drugs, sodas and BIM whiskeys from any where that are affordable.
OLD. S. BOTTLES: Southeastern CT bottles...saybrook, essex, old lyme, clinton, westbrook. CHEAP PONTILS
OLDCROWNBOCK: Bottles with Elk/deer on bottle Whiskys,beers,soda,medicine,ect for my daughter Tess
OLDCROWNBOCK: Centlivre/Old Crown brewing Co bottles & cans Blobs/crowns/labeled bottles
OLDIHTRACTOR: L.Q.C. Whisharts pinetree tar cordials!! And NJ MIlks I don't have
OLDTIMER: New Hampshire druggist / pharmacist bottles.
OMEGAFIREFLY: collector of pontiled medicines, turn-of-century Florida Cokes, Florida soda bottles & Florida strap flasks
ORLANDOMAGIC: Early glass (ca. 1650-1830), especially rare shapes and seals from Europ, poisons, glass target balls and glass fire-extinguishergrenades
PEEJREY: Embossed meds, Seltzer bottles, Labled meds and acls
PENN DIGGER: colored flasks, and ANY BIM bottles from the Bradford, PA area.
PICKLEJAR: anything philadelphia pre-1910 (beers,soda, meds, etc), lower bucks county(newtown, attleboro, bristol, hulmeville, etc), any poison bottles (textured) and Hero fruit jars or 1896-1910 colored ball jars. (except ball blue)
POISON_US: Poisons, Owl Drug bottles of any kind, Shuptrine Druggist (Savannah GA), Deadwood/Sturgis S.D. Druggist bottles, Nelson Fry Philli
RAIDER2152: Allentown bottles and surrounding towns and cities
RANDO: Green Lane, Perkiomenville, (PA) Brewery bottles/items. Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh county milks.
RATZILLA: Any Camden, NJ bottles, as well as as well as surrounding towns in Camden and Gloucester county, also Philadelphia squat sodas.
RED MATTHEWS: Bottles that have the Half-Leaf Mold Cavity Welded Repair, especially SARATOGA's. Also, solid glass mold heater pieces, bottlles,jars & insulators.
RELICSNSTUFF: New Orleans pontiled mineral waters and pontiled meds
RIBOTTLEGUY: Rhode Island bottles, veterinary bottles, any large (8" or taller) BIM/BIMAL medicines
ROAD DOG: Dr. E.C.'s Balm ( Dr. Cooper's Balm) and E. Anthony Bottles
ROCKBOT: Any Hawaii or Asian bottles. Hilo owl drug, Hilo Drug company meds, sodas, whiskeys, gins. Finger/mini lamp bases or complete from anywhere!
ROCKHOUNDER55: Nevada bottles
RONJCOKE: Any Soda Water bottle from Tennessee with Property of Coca Cola on it.
RRAACK: Barrel Bitters - Sachem's - Greeley's Bourbon (not amber), pontiled Umbrella Inks with unusual form, and pontiled Cathedral Peppersauces
SANDCHIP: Colored pontils from anywhere, Southern pontils, and anything good from Georgia and Alabama
SARATOGADRIVER: Inks and Vermont bottles.
SLAG PILE DIGGER: Shohola Milk Hinkel dairy, Shohola Spring Water, Neuweiler milk cap, Pond Eddy blob.
SODA BOTTLE: Delaware bottles everything but milks.
SODAPOPS: Any Oklahoma ACL and embossed with Okla. towns name
SPARROW75: anything with the name "Gumbert" embossed/painted, like whiskey jugs, etc.
STANLEYVA2009: Shenandoah Valley milks and embossed meds. Towns include: Luray, Shenandoah, Woodstock, Edinburgh, Strasburg, New Market, Winchester, Harrisonburg, Berryville, etc. Towns from Winchester-Harrisonburg along Interstate 81.
STEPHENGRAY: "Picture" druggists (such as owls, lions, eagles, etc...), western druggists, any Oklahoma or Wyoming, any territorial bottles
STLOIUSBOTTLES: St Louis colored pontil soda's and blob top soda's from the following Illinois town's: Alton Belleville Collinsville Darmstadt Freeburg Frogtown Highland Mascoutah Millstadt O'Fallon St Jacob and Waterloo.
SWIZZLEe; Tribes Hill & Edinburg N.Y. bottles and Gloverville Lithia Water
T D: Acl's, GA Cheros, locals (Washington, Elberton, Lincolnton, Union Pt., Crawfordville, Thomson, Warrenton, GA)
TEXASDIGGER: Texas non drug store medicine bottles. cures, citrates, cough, cold, chill, croup, antiseptic, liniment
THE HAM MAN: Any type of Ellicott City bottles, Baltimore whiskey flasks, Elkridge milks, Catonsville milks, and Baltimore MD milks.
TONYTIGER1949: Pennsylvania squat sodas: Mulheam & Dorian (Lansford, Pa.), Thomas Beck (Leighton, Pa.), FC Bender (Minersville, Pa.), and squats from other small Pa. towns like Liberty, Perkiomenville, Walnutport.
TROG: American Pot Lids especially Pictorial ones including Bears Grease and Lion pomades, Minnehaha Whisky Jug for Martindale and Johnston of Philadelphia
TUCKEVALASTIN: All Delaware bottles
TWOWHEELFAN: NYC Henry Solms or Solms or Solms and Clinton brewery.
in business at least from 1850 - 1867 at 13 Clinton street i dont know if he had bottle or stoneware or anything, interested in all things relating to this name or address. ads in papers, anything all info welcome.
TYWDAVIS: Dixie Bottling co. Tallapoosa GA. would really like to have a s.s coca-cola bottle but am interested in any
VTDIGGER; Embossed bottles, Larkin's and Wyeth.Pontil bottles, Medicines especially "Cures." old/vintage Applied color label bottles.
WASKEY: All types of Ellicott City, MD bottles. Milks from the following MD towns: Elkridge, Catonsville, Woodlawn. Also interested in buying Baltimore blob top soda bottles.
WESTERNBITTERSNUT: Early Western bitters such as Lacour's, Cassin's. Wonser's, etc/
WHEELAH23; Glen Ridge, Montclair, Bloomfield, Orange, East Orange, West Orange, South Orange, Verona, Nutley, and Clifton, NJ
WILLIEBOY: Florida Hutchinsons, Florida strap sided flasks, Florida blob tops and a cobalt blue DT Sweeny no town/state
WILMINGTONBOTTLEBOYS: "Wilmington, NC". Older bottles, nothing modern. Early to lated 1800's Blob tops, sodas, whiskeys, wines, medicines,liqour and beer.
WVBOTTLEHUNTER: Any Berkeley Club or Berkeley Springs Bottling Works


Jan 31, 2023
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New to the forum. I am seeking Sprinkle Whiskey, Atlantic Coast Distilling Co. and Ridgeway Straight Corn Whiskey

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