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    PLC or LPC

    I guess Limited could be possible. There were a few other English bottles in the same general area. I'd have to check with the boys about Hooker. Yes, We were there at the invite of NY Digger Steve. So were the Crick Diggers. Plus The Badger. And Andy. And a couple other guys who's names...
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    PLC or LPC

    I assume that this was PLCo or LPCo even though there is no "o". Any info would be great! We just dug in New York state.
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    OP hobnail pitcher

    Moderator - please delete this thread. Phone was acting up and I posted twice.
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    OP hobnail pitcher just dug

    My boys just dug this in a 1870's-1890's pit. Any info appreciated!
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    New Mystery item

    What stick digger said. I'd go take a pic of one, but the shed is too far for this late at night.
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    After 306 years

    Ok. Now I have to go dig out the Nat. Geo's... Can't wait to read the story!
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    A collection of items found at an abandoned house

    What Raccoon and Flasks said. I am in the building salvage business and a lot of times I write that the contents of the buildings become my property when the contract is signed.. I'm pretty sure that a part of some cool old piece of antiquity just went missing on my latest job. Not cool.
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    Need help identifying this bottle

    I believe these come in OP also. And I do not believe them to be rare. In smooth base, I am going to guess in the $20 range since it is so clean. York Co. has a couple hard core guys that will spend $$$ if they don't have it or to keep someone else from getting it (not sure which!) and I have...

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