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    More Little Bottles

    Nice haul.
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    Sigh ... Clinton Bottling Works Augusta GA

    Had a free half hour the other day and stopped back to poke around a little more. Still nothing whole but this item guarantees I will be going back again.
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    Stone axe

    Thanks for that! Haven't seen Franklinite in decades since moving south. Way too cool!
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    What is this??

    Oddly enough that was exactly my first thought ... :p
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    Sigh ... Clinton Bottling Works Augusta GA

    So they drug a blade across a large field and I noticed some old brick sticking out. Spotted one piece of glass sticking out ... nothing too spectacular and wish it wasn't clipped, but you never know where something is going to crop up. No other bottles note, some glass but not enough to...
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    Can you remove things from a river in Texas?

    If you got the local boy scout troop to do a river side clean up (let them clean up the areas along the river ... not in the river) and you personally happen to pull those items out of the river as part of the clean up can anyone say anything? If anyone does say somehing you are just being...
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    Native american chief belt buckle.

    Can you make out the company signature just left of the Indian face on the back of the buckle? It is too weak in the posted picture for my old eyes to make out.
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    what have I have found?

    Cool little nasal drops bottle. Blue is always popular.
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    Bottle of Beatin

    Before the proverbial 'Can of Whoop a$$', you could have opened a 'Bottle of Beatin' Probably not generally available this side of the pond as the label is all in German. It was part of a German post card advertisement I came across recently. Thought it would make an interesting conversation...
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    Bitters & others in different colors.

    I could spend all day looking at bottles like those... sigh...
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    Economy Jar

    Very Nice!
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    A glimpse into my collection (1) "The Wall"

    Pretty. Very, very pretty!
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    Found these bottles under house.

    Nice amber Borden's. Not uncommon but always nice to see.
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    What is this beautiful glass piece?

    100 percent flower frog for the bottom of a vase to help the flowers stay in their arrangement. Search 'glass flower frog' - images on any search engine ... thousands of them out there.

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