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    Need help to identify these lids.

    I believe the Ball blue lid is a Sun Moon Star insert, but the embossing is very weak. I have a Sun Moon Star insert in Ball blue with the same diamond shape just like yours and have heard of one other. Typically the mold marks are numbers or small dots on Sun Moon Star inserts, but sometimes...
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    Adding Colour to my Collection!

    Nice jar! The lid in that color isn't easy to find either.
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    Mystery Jar Covers

    I'm not sure on the aqua lid. It strikes me as a Trademark Canada Compass insert, but someone else would know better.
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    Mystery Jar Covers

    There's a variety similar to the DGCo which I have a number of, and it is DFGCo, but looks almost identical. What is the diameter?
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    Mystery Jar Covers

    DGCo for the clear one.
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    Got 2 unlisted jars

    Now that's some good info!
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    Unpriced Jar

    Nice jar - They are less common than the version without the dot, but are available. I think unpriced usually means that there wasn't enough information available on past sales to properly assign a value range. I don't recall off hand what the Redbook 11 says. $25 or a little more seems...
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    Improved Fruit Jar lid

    I've never seen that lid before. Great lid, great jar!
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    Favorite Jar for June 2015

    One of my favorite jars is one that I got when I first started collecting more seriously. Now I've got many more midget pints, but this one means the most to me. It's got lots of bubbles and a really nice lid (CFJCo). Mason's Patent Nov. 30th 1858 with reverse Hero's Cross.[attachment=Midget...
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    I have aprox 30 to 40 antique jars that were gifted to me...Help!

    hmm - I can't seem to get the photobucket thing to work. It still asks for a password. How do I allow a that script to work?
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    MASON Midget Pint, New Varient ?

    OOOH nice! That lid sure did clean up well. I don't have my Redbook with me so I can't help with the number right now.
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    Favorite Jar for November 2014

    Here's my favorite jar for the month. The Leader half gallon.[attachment=The Leader.jpg]
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    Pint Lightning jar question

    I am curious if "reproduction" is the correct term here. It's really just a jar, right? It isn't reproducing or faking a known jar.
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    Pint Lightning jar question

    Alright, I was going to avoid this thread but I can't help it. I won't say that this jar IS or IS NOT a repro. All I'll say is that this jar looks wrong to me for the following reasons: 1. This jar matches the description of a known repro with the exception of the ground lip. There are...
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    Please Help ID Grandma's collection

    Agreed with everything said. Your jar looks like it's got a little "tippiness" to the top which adds to the character. Lots of value in that jar.

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