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    New here from NW GA

    Hi, Love the ole fan! I have one similar.... how do you date them?? Mine came from my Great Aunt after She passed. My Cousin had it in the garbage and I just happened by... It still works great. Thanks Ron
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    My first local Druggist

    Cobaltbot, Thanks for the info on the crescent moon shaped mark. I looked , but my skills on this world wide web thingy are not up to snuff.[8|]
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    My first local Druggist

    Oh not at all Jim....And sorry if I came across as .......whatever[:)]. It's just that I don't even consider money in the equation for the bottles that belong to me. I do love this bottle hobby, but not for monetary reasons. I think that for most of us members on this forum, historical value...
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    My first local Druggist

    I understand that dollar value wouldn't be much....That's not really a consideration for me. I'm not planning on selling any of my "keepers" (only 10 or so)........ this has never been about money. As for the couple of boxes of commons, and such...... would probably give them away before...
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    My first local Druggist

    Bottle is 6 and 7/8" tall. Bottom dimensions are 2 3/8" by 1 3/8". Capacity is 6 oz - 180 cc. The seams end in the neck......applied top??
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    My first local Druggist

    Bottom of bottle.Looks like a quarter moon.... Who made this????
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    My first local Druggist

    Due to circumstances, I don't get out as much as I would like...But ,last week I made a day of it and found this local bottle. Thru Goggle, I've narrowed the age is from 1923-1928. Embossed on side: Bradley's Drug Store On The Corner Matoaka,W.Va. I'm excited about this bottle...
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    The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend ..

    Hi, I got out for a few hours today. I struck out....but was nice to be out and about again[;)] Ron
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    The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend ..

    Hi, Good luck, and stay safe all you Guys in New England!! We were supposed to get 3"-8", ....ended up with only a coupla inches.[;)] Supposed to be between 55-65 degrees over the weekend. Feb and March have been soooooo long thus far... Ron
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    List of Chero bottles?

    Hi I have a Chero-Cola - Soda Water from Princeton,wv.....still searching for a Cola bottle. I have a pic, but my computer is acting up, won't load for some reason.... Ron
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    Got a couple Blackberry Cola Ripley and Memphis Tn

    CreekWalker, Nice!!! The embossed bottles are what I'm attemptig to build a collection of. Thanks for the pics!! Ron
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    favorite tv shows?

    Hi, I don't watch much tv, except when I'm at my Girlfriend's. She's a big fan of the paranormal shows, Gator Boys, and Looking For Bigfoot. She also likes SOA, but I refuse to watch it.... Mostly when I'm there, I'm in my Son's room watching Scoobie Doo movies with Him. He's all about...
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    Worst accident you had while digging?

    My tale is not about digging, but getting to one of my dig sites....Back last fall, I was out digging ginseng, and although I had a good morning, it was getting tiresome.... There was an old farm place on the ridge above the hollow that I was in , and I thought I would go and look for bottles to...
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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!! Ron
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    Where I've been

    JohnN, I agree with all the advice from Steve. The sky (or pocketbook) is the limit with what You want to do with Your IROC. You might want to tame it up a bit for daily driving / fuel economy......or go the other way for a serious Street Beast! I love the old f-bodies for their...

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