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    Need to vent. I know it's ''just a fish'' but it's unacceptable treatment.

    Spirit Bear, I think you were mighty brave to stand up to your teacher and and advocate for the fish that was being attacked. Tells me you do have a kind heart also. Your story touched my heart and made me think.... Writing is also a wonderful outlet for anger. I'll bet you felt a bit better...
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    Surfaceone has passed away

    Surf 2,Rockhounder let me know today about the loss of your dad. My heart goes out to you and the rest of your family at this most difficult time in one's life. I hope you know that everyone here is here to support you. Your dad was one wonderful Person. May he rest in peace. Woody, sorry about...
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    Goodbye Charley

    Re: RE: Goodbye Charley Sorry Steve, about the loss of your friend Charley. Good friends are like precious diamonds, each with a fancy cut of their own. I love older people and the lessons they teach us. They have so much valuable information to give us if we will only listen. I'm sure he'll...
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    Workin' on the Railroad

    Nice work. [;)]
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    The Mayor's Birthday

    Happy Belated Tom, hope it was a happy one... been celebrating the whole month myself... Virgo's love to Party Hardy... lol ~ [;)]
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    Green Grass and High Tides time again!!!

    [;)] Hope you had a great time.
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    My great-great-great grandmother's button collection

    Wow, you have quite a wonderful collection here. I'm a few months late here... I hope you still have it...What a wonderful piece of famlly history and a valueable piece also... I have my Grandmother's buttons that were my toys as a child. I used to string them and I cherish them in the antique...
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    Bottles & Ribs !!!

    sure looks good : D"
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    $1 clock

    Hey, good for you : )
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    Happy B-Day Rick and caldigs!!

    Happy belated to the both of you ~ I've been missing out on all the fun around here... Hope you both had lots and lots of birthday fun ~
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    Having a BAAAAAAAAAAAADDD day....

    Sometimes a bad day is really a good day... glad you didn't get hurt on the road. I won't tell you my bad week, we live and we learn... sadly and try to make teachable monents to those around us.
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    they are so cheap now... If you can give up something else up for a few weeks or watch craig's list if you have it out there, as kids are getting new ones and people are giving old ones away around this time of year... I wish I could buy you a new one.. I would if I could. : ) Hang in there you...
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    Happy Birthday Swizzle

    Happy Birthday Swizzle : ) [8D] Enjoy the whole month and may bottles find you where ever you go! stardust
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    Happy Birthday JOETHECROW!!!

    Joe, I haven't been around for a while. Sorry I missed your birthday and all the other summer birthdays of the members. Hope all is well and hope you do enjoy that senior discount. Enjoy each and every day!!!! stardust
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    Happy Birthday Digswithstick!!!

    Hope it was a wonderful Day, as you are a wonderful guy!!!! Glad I logged on today and saw this... [;)] stardust

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