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  1. Troutmaster08

    Flooded creek finds

    I'm in Nashville right now and after the flooding 6 feet of soil got washed away in some areas on creeks. At 1 location I found 100s of bottles and shards. I'm gonna go back once it warms up again and search a little more.
  2. Troutmaster08

    First Dump i've found!

    Earlier this weekend I found my first dump. Pretty easy to identify as it had a car in it! I believe it was a 58 Pontiac chieftain. There was a lot of scrap metal and I actually found 4 or 5 dumps but only searched one. The house site had a house there in the mid 1800s but did not dig deep so...
  3. Troutmaster08

    Old Iron piece

    I don't know what this is but I found it by a creek. It weighs about 30-35 pounds so it's relatively large but I'm not sure if it's even old. Any help would be great.
  4. Troutmaster08

    Best source for old maps

    I haven't done much in a long time but now I may. I found this source for old maps that even allows you to overlay them. Just find your location and mess around. I found that my house was on a civil war line. Here it is:
  5. Troutmaster08

    river digging

    Tommorow i will be digging along a river. What are the best places to look.
  6. Troutmaster08

    Snellenburg dc fd button

    I was walking in a field and this was sticking out of the ground. Perfect condition other than a slight deformation on the side. I've had it for a while now but would like a guess on age. sorry for the poor quality on the picture of the front.
  7. Troutmaster08

    ebay soda scam.

    Something just looks off.
  8. Troutmaster08

    WTB American stoneware

    I would like to add a stoneware bottle to my collection. Would like it to be from around the 1850s and an American bottle. Any price.
  9. Troutmaster08

    Questions about some creek finds

    I found these in a creek and was wondering if anyone had any info on them. I believe the one labeled lanta, which I assume meant Atlanta, may be a coke bottle piece. Another one appears to have the word cancer and an underlined A on it. All info is appreciated.
  10. Troutmaster08


    I have a piece with charcoal still in it from the 1840s
  11. Troutmaster08

    Stone hearts.

    Do you have a picture of the one under uv light?
  12. Troutmaster08

    Is it worth digging?

    I do not know the name of it but I believe that it was destroyed during the Battle of Nashville. The area around it has many slave built walls and structures.
  13. Troutmaster08

    Is it worth digging?

    Have any of you ever dug near the site of an old steel mill. I know of one but it is near a pretty developed area but I believe it could have something. What do you think?
  14. Troutmaster08

    Civil war opium bottle.

    With bottles like this it's interesting to think about what it was used for. That very bottle could have treated the pain of a wounded soldier.

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