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    Ace of spade bottle

    The bottom says 3 1/2 . OZ below that a 4. Says ACE below the spade symbol on the front. Has anyone seen this before? I can't find it in the books I have.
    Thanks, Glen

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    RE: Ace of spade bottle

    Everybody has seen one of these,or will anyways. I call this a future common. Neat bottle,I kept one. It's a circa 1940's shoe polish. I usually find them with a with powder inside. Dried polish. Most screw tops are not collectable, Although they have been used since 1860. the older ones have a large single thread that that starts low on the top and wraps 1 1/4 turn around the top and has a wide separation between them. These are sudo-collectable. last pic-dead batteries-poor quality-sorry.

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