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    Question Resources for Soda Bottles? 1920-1080?

    Hi all,

    I'm still fairly new with my soda bottle collection and am starting to want to figure out the age of all my bottles. Some are obviously easy to figure out based on the number in the base, but others are either hard to read or don't have the handy number.

    Any resources you would recommend for dating soda bottles? I'm mostly focused on bottles from 1920-1980 which seem to be difficult to find info on. I've seen lots of resources on earlier than that though.

    Anyways, any help appreciated! Books, websites, whatever will do!

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    Hi welcome to the forum!.....Well the best thing is try to take the time to try and learn about the different glass companies, also searching for old advertising helps, or newsprint archives. Sometimes it just takes a lot of surfing the net and sometimes changing search parameters.....other than that post them in the soda section and ask, also try searching the forum to get old posted info.
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    Base marks aren't all of it. Sometimes the lip area as Glenshaw or the heel for some others can help. Sometimes all you have is the maker mark changes or brand logo changes that can help narrow it down and sometimes there's really no way to know at all.
    Good luck and happy collecting.
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    Thanks! I'll start looking in those areas. Didn't think about old advertising or newspapers!

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    Awesome, thanks! I'll go through those, should help a lot.

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