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Nov 14, 2023
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Hello! I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't allowed

I'm trying to find some resources for researching historic bottles, specifically ones found in Toronto Canada. If anyone has any suggestions where I can start my search that would be fantastic!

Any and all information is welcome, especially pharmaceutical bottles, maker's marks, and anything with embossing.



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Nov 6, 2023
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New York
Well, the SHA website has this great resource. https://sha.org/bottle/

They also list the following books: (some REALLY good ones here, and links) all from the sha website

Axelson, R. Dean. 2000. Dr. R. Dean Axelson’s Encyclopedia of Toronto Embossed & Etched Bottles from the Soda Water & Soft Drink Industry 1830-1940. Canaviax Publications Ltd., Stouffville, Ontario, Canada. Very well done book on the subject with company histories of soda companies that produced of hundreds bottles (glass & ceramic) and nice b&w photos. An excellent source of reliable information on the dating of Canadian soda bottles styles and manufacturing related diagnostic features.

Stevens, Gerald. 1961. Early Canadian Glass. Ryerson Press, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Stevens, Gerald. 1979. Canadian Glass 1825-1925. Coles Publishing Company Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Useful book 0n the subject which includes an assortment of illustrations of the offerings from early 20th century Canadian glass catalogs – bottles, glassware, lamp chimneys, etc.

Urquhart, Olive. 1976. Bottlers and Bottles, Canadian. S.& O. Urquhart, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Good book on Canadian bottles that includes detailed illustrations including bottle bases and base markings. Also has a good overview of glass making.

Unitt, Doris & Peter. 1980b. Bottles in Canada. Clock House Publications, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. A useful book for pictures (hundreds) and some decent information on Canadian bottles and glassmakers from the late 18th through mid-20th centuries. Also covers pottery and ceramic bottles, Canadian fruit jars, milk bottles, and even insulators. Originally published in 1972 with 1980 being the 4th edition.

Carter, Morris A. and James E. Hostetler. 1975. Ontario Soda Water Bottles. Rune Publications, Ontario, Canada. A listing of over 700 Ontario soda bottles used from the mid-19th to early/mid 20th century, although it contains no historical information on the illustrated bottles or companies that used them.

Jones, Olive R. 1975 The Study of Glass Containers from Archaeological Sites. Parks Canada Research Bulletin No. 22. Parks Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. Out of print.

Lockhart, Bill, Beau Schriever, Bill Lindsey and Carol Serr. 2016b. Hamilton Glass Works - Ontario. Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website, E-published January 2016. Article on the history, products and markings of this Canadian glass company operating during the last third of the 19th century making primarily fruit jars. This article is available at this link:http://www.sha.org/bottle/pdffiles/Hamilton-Ontario.pdf This article is part of the Encyclopedia of Manufacturers Marks on Glass Containers.

Jones, Olive and Catherine Sullivan. 1989 (Revision of the 1985 version). The Parks Canada Glass Glossary for the Description of Containers, Tableware, Flat Glass, and Closures. Studies in Archaeology, Architecture, and History. National Historic Parks and Sites Branch, Parks Canada, Ottawa, Ontario. (Also produced in a French version.)

King, Thomas B. 1987. Glass in Canada. The Boston Mills Press, Erin, Ontario, Canada.

The Parks Canada Glass Glossary by Olive Jones and Catherine Sullivan pdf file download via this website at the following link: Parks Canada Glass Glossary - English.pdf This book is probably the best resource available (next to this website!) that covers glass making techniques and the diagnostic evidence related to these techniques ranging from early mouth-blown processes to 20th century fully automatic machinery. <--!!

That's all I've got for now, hope this is somewhat helpful.

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