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    Anyone know this dairy?

    I picked this milk bottle up at a local Estate sale and thought it might be local or surrounding area to me but have not found anything yet so any help is greatly appreciated. Say Lewis B Flynn has a 4 leaf clover and says Phone 1111
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    That's a nice one! Milks are unfortunately one of the hardest types of bottles to research because there were just so many little dairies over the years, and most of them didn't advertise all that much. Your best bet is to try to talk to a local collector, but if it was brought in from somewhere else it may be nearly impossible to figure out where it's from. I really like the clover leaf though, you don't often see milks with pictures on them in the slug plate!

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    Yeah at first I thought it might have been some sort of attachment to a Clover leaf dairy in Maysville KY as that was the area where the Estate sale was from and they where older collectors themselves from that area. The clover leaf bottles from there only had 3 leaf clovers on them though. I have asked several older collectors in my area with no luck yet so I think it must have been brought in from some where else. Thanks for the help

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    It's from Winchester, Kentucky, I believe. Lewis Baldwin Flynn was listed as the manager of a diary in Winchester in 1920 (when he was 23) and again in 1930. Cool bottle!

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    I have found that checking old local business directories you can find out "something" about them.


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