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    Shard tragedy

    Shard Tragedy.... For years I kept mid-to-late 19th century patterned china shards found while digging. I always intended to use the material to create "shard collage" art. I had two 5-gallon buckets full. I shared my vision with an artist friend who was also a professor at our local university. She happens to be regionally-acclaimed in paint media, but that's beside the point; I assumed she would perceive the value in these buckets of rather unique media, visualize, and apply some artistic perspective to create some intriguing art.

    Ummm... Imagine my horror when I learned a few weeks later that she had CRUSHED the pieces into smaller ones and turned a dozen 8-year old kids loose with it, bottles of glue, and paper as a birthday party activity for her child!
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    Wow, what a bummer that must have been. Says a lot about the common sense and wisdom of some college professors, huh?

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    Those are amazing even if they are broken. Im so sorry!!! I was looking at your amazing pictures before I read your whole post.


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